• Laundry Does Not Wash Itself, My Dear

    Who would have thought there could be such a bid adieu about laundry?  The truth is that you would be hard pressed to find a parenting blog or family article where the battle over laundry duties within the home didn’t rear their ugly head.

    • Don’t Settle

      Those that hear things from their family members that resemble don’t settle and wait it out, something better will come along usually have the least amount of long range guilt.

    • Popular Living Room Colors

      Changing the painted wall color of your living room is definitely one of the least expensive but most impressive modifications you can make in your home.

    • Don’t Take your Off Leash Park for Granted

      For a dog to be happy and healthy, they need both physical exercise and social interaction with their peers. Running, playing, speaking ‘dog’ and sniffing butts are all part of a well-socialized canine community.

    • How Much Does a New Car Depreciate After Driving off the Lot

      New cars lose approximately 20% of their value in their first year. How much is that in dollars? Well, a $40,000 car loses around $8,000 the moment you drive it off the lot. Is this how you want to spend your hard earned dollars?

    • How to Cook Baby Back Ribs

      There are a few basic ways to prepare baby back ribs. They include applying a rub, which is made up of various seasonings and then cooking the ribs using one of four methods outlined below.

    • Being an Example for Your Children

      Since children live under your wing and under your roof most of the time, it is your behavior, personality and actions that mold the clay that becomes the statue of who they are.

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