• Stop Making Us Wait at Grocery Checkout Line

    Despite streamlined and self-check out aisles that literally drape the front of the stores, there never seems to be enough folks hired to work the registers during the busier times of the days.

    • Does Religion Have a Positive Impact on Family Values?

      Religion can have a very positive impact on family values, and it can just ass easily have a negative impact on family values.

    • Energy Efficient Roofing Systems

      If you’ve ever climbed onto a roof on a sunny day in mid-summer, or even stood under a roof that isn’t properly insulated, you’ll know just how hot a roof can get. Insulation helps to keep the interior of our homes and building cool, as does air conditioning. But neither of these methods of cooling makes our roofs energy efficient.

    • How to Tell Someone You Love Them

      As for who should say it first, man, or woman – the jury is still out.  In a lot of ways, if you wait for a dude to shout it out, you might be waiting a long time.  Many men have more than a few issues with saying things like this.

    • How to Cook a Whole Chicken

      The cooking time is about 1 hour per pound. If you are doing more than one bird, add 10 minutes per pound for each extra bird.

    • I Need a Break from My Kids

      Few of us ever truly realize just how much time and effort and energy goes into raising children until we have them.  And by the time we do, not only is it far too late to back out of the deal, but we are also too tired to think of ways to give ourselves a break.

    • Health Benefits of Omega 3

      The many benefits of Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation are only now beginning to be fully realized and much research is underway to fully understand the many benefits of this miraculous complex of nutrients.

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