5 Interesting ways of Making Money

Traditional jobs are those that have normal hours from 9 -5. While this particular kind of job can appeal to some people, it may not be the best for e…

What is a Reverse Mortgage

Rumors are that a reverse mortgage is only for people of a certain age – usually seniors. True or false? Reverse Mortgage: American Style For the most…

What is Boxing Day?

On a typical American calendar, the day after Christmas is clearly marked with Boxing Day, typically with…


Is It Best To Buy Overseas?

We’re living in a global age where the economics of countries far beyond our borders have an effect on what happens in the UK. With that in …

Buying a Spec Home

While many of us are happy to buy a home that someone else has lived i…


How to Banish Brown Patches on Your Lawn

An inviting green carpet of lawn is what we all strive for, so it’s a sorry day for the proud gardener when brown patches appear. What went …

Why are Beer Bottles Brown

Beer has come a long way since the days of the cask and leather flagons. In fact, the decision about what to put beer in for storage has plagued peopl…

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