• Don’t Give Away Your Privacy For A Free App or Game

    That app may seem cool, but there are things attached to it called Terms of Service, and the Privacy Statement. And almost no one ever reads either of these, assuming they all say the same thing. Well, they do, and here is what they say.

    • Are Families Really Better Off When Both Parents Work

      While many analysts believe that earning the two incomes helps to raise families out of poverty and better enables them to provide financially for their family, others speculate that the two incomes prod families to live above their means.

    • Caught in the Act by your Children

      Remember when you were a teenager and your parents walked in on you and your boy/girl friend making out?  You thought that nothing in the world could ever be more embarrassing, right?

    • How To Soothe Sore And Aching Muscles

      The first method of dealing with sore muscles that many people often find themselves using is tiger balm.  Tiger balm is a special ointment that is going to help to draw heat into the area, improving blood circulation and increasing the rate of healing taking place.

    • Sharing Clothes with Your Teenage Daughter

      As long as there has been mothers and daughters, there has been the fight over clothes.  Here are a few tips and rules to help you deal with this sticky and sometimes tricky situation!

    • Costs of Owning a Car

      Between insurance, maintenance, gas, and interest, the sticker price is just the beginning of what you’ll pay on any car—used or new.  There’s no question that for most people, the car is their second biggest household expense—after housing costs like rent or mortgage.

    • Dealing with a Pouting Child

      Every parent knows children pout. You tell them they can’t have the cookie until after dinner and they sit on the floor, arms crossed, with a poked out lip and furrowed brow that is almost laughable.

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