• Can Money Buy Happiness

    For many people the collection of money and material things is a direct equation that they feel represents success.  And so it becomes that having MORE – would seem to boost self esteem and ego and make a person feel more successful.

    • If the World Were Run By Mothers

      There would be no such thing as homework past the 4th grade, at which point it becomes apparent that today’s kids are smarter (and learning faster) than most of today’s adults.

    • How to Eat Healthy without Breaking the Bank

      Basic foods should make up the majority of your shopping list. Basic foods include pasta, rice, wholegrain breads, flour, couscous, quinoa, oats, barley, beans/lentils, lean meats, eggs, fruits, vegetables, milk and yoghurt.

    • Your Designer Dog is not a Purebred

      Just because your Affenpoo, Foxy Russell, Labradinger, or Pomeagle has a fancy sounding name does not mean he is a purebred dog. In fact, nothing could be far from the truth.

    • How Long Do You Cook a Medium Steak

      The thicker the steak, the longer you need to cook it. Additionally, cooking time is shortened as temperatures rise. Thus, a gas grill or an oven broiler will usually cook steak more quickly than a stovetop frying pan or a charcoal grill.

    • The World Doesn’t Owe You Anything

      In many ways, many people today are living their life as victims.  They are giving up their rights to choose, to succeed, and to create their own destiny by sitting back and waiting for the scrappy handouts that are left behind.  And then, with audacity – these same people feel they have the rights to complain about what they were given.

  • Guest Article

    Lee Charles Kelley
    Lee Charles Kelley

    Lee Charles Kelley is a successful New York dog trainer who uses methods that stimulate obedience through training games geared around a dog's natural prey drive....

    Article:The Myth of Alpha

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