• Boys Don’t Cry as the Saying Goes

      Boys don’t cry and they certainly don’t play with dolls.   They also need to grow up strong, not acting like whiney sissies every time something doesn’t go their way.  Parents will say, “Suck it up,” “be a man,” “come on, what are you a girl,” in public when boys seem to cross the threshold of tough and manly into sensitive or hurt.

    • Communicating with Your Spouse

      The subject of openness and honesty in communicating with your spouse is a subject that has stirred the hearts and minds of experts, therapists, lawyers, pastors and ordinary folk.  Take a peek at the library shelves and see how many books have been written on this topic.

    • Making Fitness A Part Of Your Lifestyle

      The very first thing to think about when trying to make fitness a part of your lifestyle is to consider getting involved in an adult recreational league that piques your interest.

    • Can You Spot a Puppy Mill

      No one wants to support a facility that mistreats animals.  Unfortunately, animal cruelty laws are lax.  There are many legal grey areas.  As an unregulated industry, anyone can breed and sell dogs.  The pet industry is buyer beware.

    • Cost Breakdown of Building a House

      There is no doubt that best way to squander money when building your own home is not to cost the project accurately in advance. Another is to try and build something that you can't afford. Since a wide variety of circumstances can affect costs during the building process, it is also vital to control the impact of changes to original cost estimates.

    • Dealing with Water Problems in the Bathroom

      Water damage within the home can be devastating. Carpets, upholstered furniture, flooring, ceilings and even wall finishes can all be wrecked by water, not to mention fittings and appliances. For this reason, dealing with water problems in the bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else in the house can be quite traumatic.

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