• Maintaining the Peace Between Younger and Older Siblings

    It’s an age old problem. An older sibling who bullies his or her younger siblings. Even if they aren’t bigger, the oldest child almost always thinks they’re justified in their tyrannical behavior towards their little brothers and sisters.

    • Is It Called Supper, or Dinner

      Traditionally, in England, where so many of our customs in the U.S. come from, Dinner is the meal consumed in the middle of the day, and is the most sumptuous and involved. Supper, also referred to as Tea, is the last meal of the day, consumed in the evening.

    • Vinyl Plank Flooring

      Vinyl plank flooring is an ideal product for both kitchens and bathrooms where water and moisture are common. Many people choose to use it elsewhere as well since it's made to look like wood, but is considerably easier to install.

    • Does Moms Body Insecurity Affect her Daughters Body Image

      Obviously, no mother intentionally puts herself down or would purposely try to make their daughter feel uncomfortable with her weight.  The last thing a mother wants to do is give her daughter a reason to have negative beliefs about herself. But in some ways they do!

    • Decorating Ideas for a New Kitchen

      The basic difference between designing a kitchen and decorating one is that design involves every basic element while décor focuses on making the basics look good.

    • Trying to Understand the Break Up

      Dating experts to suggest that people who have been dumped, take some time to evaluate the relationship rationally.  Once you have had time to be angry, grieve and work through the loss – try to be objective about what happened.

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