• Can Children be Taught Patience

    When you consider the consequences of NOT teaching patience to a child, you will realize just how important waiting for that bowl of ice cream can be toward making them happier adults!

    • The Cost of Furnishing a Home from Scratch

      To create a lovely and comfortable home you will want to find the perfect furniture that suits your family’s lifestyle, design tastes and, of course, budget.  But how much does it cost to furnish a home from scratch?

    • Eating Meals Together

      Remember the old shows like the Brady Bunch where dinnertime was an honored tradition. Carol Brady would tell all her kids to be back for dinner as they left on their after school adventures and dad walked in at 6pm sharp – just in time to sit down to a home cooked meal.

    • Arthritis in Dogs

      It has been estimated that one in five dogs over the age of seven is affected by arthritis. Arthritis is a general term for abnormal joint changes or growth, and can be caused by immune disorders, infections, congenital malformations, or from stress and trauma.

    • Smoking Hot Chili

      To understand chili, you need to understand the peppers used to create it. The most common peppers used are Anchos, Polanos, Anahiems, and Jalapenos and this recipe uses several of them.

    • Breaking Up Over the Phone

      In today’s world of dating – both online and offline, the rules and etiquette of relationships are rapidly changing.  For many people, this has them confused about whether such things like breaking up over the phone or via test message are acceptable forms of ending the relationship.

    • What to Look for when Buying Windows

      Today more than ever before a window is not simply an opening in a wall that lets in light and air. Windows play a much more important role in terms of insulation and energy efficiency within the home. They also add to the style of a house.

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