• Should You Trust the Advice of an Expert

    It seems that anytime a subject comes up nowadays, someone has an ‘expert’ to back-up their claims. News stories have expert contributors. Courts use ‘expert’ witnesses. Politicians use ‘expert’ consultants. So what they are telling us must be right…right? Well…maybe not so much.

    • Correcting Your Children in Public

      Sadly, honestly and ironically – children aren’t always on their best behavior when mom and dad want them to be.  And there is nothing worse than being embarrassed in front of friends, co-workers, or even perfect strangers.

    • When Is The Best Time to Exercise

      The very first and most important thing that you must take into consideration when thinking about this factor is when you prefer to do your exercise.If you are one of those people who would not describe yourself as a morning person at all, forcing yourself to fight your alarm clock each morning to get to the gym at the crack of dawn isn't likely going to be a successful endeavour.

    • Removing Grease Stains from Clothing

      Removing grease stains from clothing does work best if you do it quickly. Once a grease stain has settled into the fibers of the fabric, it can be nearly impossible to remove completely. However, acting quickly and following the above step – can leave you with fabulously clean, grease free clothes.

    • Puppy Training Suggestions

      A puppy must also learn that he does not have rule over the entire household, but does have his own space: the crate. A crate can be the dog’s own secure place to relax, and may come in handy for trips to the vet, traveling, or keeping your pup out of trouble while you are away from home.

    • Cheating

      While cheating is wrong on so many levels. While it hurts people and is immoral, against the sanctity of marriage and God – the biggest difference between cheaters and non-cheaters is that the non-cheaters had enough self discipline to not act on their urges.

    • Hating Where You Live

      Here’s the thing.  Changing where you are doesn’t change who you are.  Most of the people stuck hating where they leave or feeling like they don’t belong, won’t feel any better by changing their area.  In fact, they will just feel worse and more let down by life.  The problem isn’t normally outside of us, but within us.

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