• Giving Children A Time Out

      So how exactly do time outs work? Find a spot in your house where your child can be both supervised and ignored. Sending them to their room is dangerous for several reasons. One, they might love their room and it wouldn't be much of a punishment to dispatch them to one of their favorite places, especially if they have a computer, TV, music player, and/or phone in there.

    • Am I Settling?

      The answer to if you are settling can not come from your psychologist, from a manual, from your parish priest or from your best friend, only you can answer this question.

    • Cleaning Up After Your Spouse

      What is more delightful than walking into the bathroom (or bedroom, kitchen and living room) only to find other people’s crap lying all over the place? So much so that it becomes difficult to do anything, without first having to clean up something (that isn’t even yours) first?

    • Removing Red Wine Stains from Carpets

      So time and blotting are what should be uppermost in your mind when you go about the task of removing red wine stains from your carpet. Maybe we should add a third rule, be calm

    • Being a Good Renter

      Whether you are taking a vacation to a pristine Florida Beach and staying in someone’s home, looking for an apartment to rent for a college student – or trying to find the perfect home to suit your family, renting is big business.

    • What to do if Your Cat is Not Eating

      A cat’s body functions differently from a persons. A human liver is pretty efficient at processing fat. A cat’s, however, is not. When a cat stops eating, the body begins to send fat cells to the liver. Because the cat’s liver cannot process these fat cells a disease called hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease) can result.

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