• Foods That Can Make You Smarter

    Some of the most beneficial things you can eat for your brain are foods that contain fats and sugars. This may come as a shock to you, since the popular idea is to avoid these.

    • Staying Home with the Kids vs. Going to Work

      Sometimes people know long before they have children whether or not they are the kind of person that can stay home to raise kids or whether they are the kind of person that thrives in the fast paced business environment.

    • How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

      While it may not seem serious to feel or be tired all the time, the reality paints a much larger picture. A University study concluded that humans who lacked proper sleep were just as dangerous behind the wheel of a car as drunk driver.

    • The First Steps to Take When your Cat Goes Missing

      Below is a list of the most immediate activities to pursue when first you realize your cat has escaped or is missing.

    • Saving for a Rainy Day

      Saving for a rainy day is not nearly as easy as it used to be without exercising a few small changes within the household to find a little extra money to stash away.

    • Common Mistakes When Building a House

      One mistake inexperienced home builders make when budgeting for their own home is to base their estimates on what the industry deems to be a cost per square foot or meter. Be warned, there is no such thing.

    • Should Children Sleep in Their Parents Bed

      It is difficult to find professionals that will stand up for co-sleeping. On the other hand, those that are against it are a loud and obnoxious group who can make parents who sleep with their children feel as though they are violating some law.

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