• Is Facebook Ruining Your Life

    The truth is that most of what people post on Facebook and other social media sites are just snapshots of the HIGHLIGHTS of their lives. They post pictures of their vacations, and their beautiful kids, and their accomplishments and plans.

    • Making Your Dreams a Reality

      Dreamers and the people who make their dreams a reality - all start out the same.  Like a seedling growing in the mind, the dreamer creates a vision for the future.

    • Are We Pushing Our Kids To Hard

      A leading child psychiatrist and author of the book, The Over Scheduled Child, Alvin Rosenfeld says, Over scheduling our children is not only a widespread phenomenon, it's how we parent today.

    • What will you do for your Pet

      We have all gone above and beyond the duty at some point in our pet’s life. Cooking special foods, giving up the idea of a yearly vacation to cover the costs of daycare, going home on our lunch hour to let our pet outside to pee, or spending money we do not have to make sure they are happy and healthy.

    • Popular Kitchen Colors

      Ultimately the choice of color is a very personal thing, so be sure to make your own decisions, and take the opinions of those who will share the kitchen with you, into account.

    • Pros and Cons of Raising a family in the Country

      So which will you choose?  The peaceful, quiet, and isolated country life – or the hustle and bustle of the city.  The reality is that each lifestyle offers its own benefits and your choice is largely dependant upon your personality and family needs.

    • Discussing Spending Habits with your Partner

      Statistics indicate that more couples argue, fuss, disagree, and divorce about money than they do anything else. In fact, money woes and differences in spending habits are less forgivable offenses for many than a steamy affair.

  • Guest Article

    Colleen Pelar
    Colleen Pelar

    Colleen Pelar, CPDT, is the author of Living with Kids and Dogs.

    Article: A New Dog with Old Kids

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