• Framing with Treated Lumber

      When you order lumber, it's a good idea to check not only for code compliance and an assurance that the timber that was used was certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), but also that it meets other standards and is LEED compliant.

    • Donating Money to Non Profit Organizations

      Let’s be real.  The commercials on television designed to get you to donate money to non-profit organizations tug at your heart strings.  Sad music with visions of  poor children in war torn regions of Africa, a dying woman’s please to donate to Breast Cancer, or the battered animal organizations vying for your dollar to help adopt a forlorn one legged puppy are difficult to ignore.

    • Life In A Family With An Adopted Child

      Life with an adopted child is much like life with other children. All children need food, clothes, shelter, safety, education, discipline and above all, love. However, the needs of an adopted child are not completely the same as the needs of other children.

    • Dressing For The Gym

      While many people will feel that it's very important that they look good while in the gym and as such go after all the latest styles that come out, there is more to consider than just how good you look.

    • Butt Kissing On Facebook

      Whether it be a simple shout out to their spouse or a quick mention of their child’s teacher – or heck, a quick *like* on a status from someone that you are trying to impress, but don’t really care for – Facebook has become the ultimate resource for brown nosing.

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