• Maintaining the Peace Between Younger and Older Siblings

    It’s an age old problem. An older sibling who bullies his or her younger siblings. Even if they aren’t bigger, the oldest child almost always thinks they’re justified in their tyrannical behavior towards their little brothers and sisters.

    • Taking Responsibility for Your Childs Grades

      With the introduction of the No Child Left behind laws that are now, being phased out by public schools, many educators and school administrators question why all parties in the educational process from administration to teachers and students are being held accountable for children passing school, EXCEPT for the parents.

    • Your Facebook Account Could Cost You a Job

      The most important thing to realize is that no matter how private Facebook says it is, no matter how many rights to privacy and rights to free speech you are entitled to – the written and recorded word of online interaction can be used against you.

    • Organic Coffee

      Basically, organic coffee is a product grown in a way that offers very little environmental impact. The goal of organic coffee farming is to produce beans while maintaining soil fertility and building biologically diverse agriculture without the use of toxic fertilizers and pesticides.

    • Reasons Why You Should Buy Organic Food

      Foods are advertised as 'organic' in grocery stores everywhere now, and the amount of foods offered that claim to be 'organic' is increasing. But is organic food better for you? Are there valid reasons why you should buy organic food?

    • Surviving a Home Renovation

      Before you start, make some plans.  Decide what you need not just today, but in the next ten or so years.  Remember your kids will be bigger and the needs of your family will be much different than they are right now.

    • How Barter can Help your Business

      Businesses become members of a barter exchange network whereby they can buy what they need for their business, pay no cash for it by simply trading their products and services for it.

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