• Disconnecting from the Digital World

    Chances are you have a device of some sorts. And chances are your life is filled with beeps, and tweets and whistles and bings that keep you jumping. Ring tones that beckon, and choices to be made about whether to finish a conversation or answer a text.

    • Creating a Household Budget

      Of course it isn’t enough to draw up a household budget, set it on parchment paper and then have  it framed for all family members to oggle at.

    • Correcting Your Children in Public

      Sadly, honestly and ironically – children aren’t always on their best behavior when mom and dad want them to be.  And there is nothing worse than being embarrassed in front of friends, co-workers, or even perfect strangers.

    • Is That Leftover Hamburger Safe To Eat

      Hamburger can be kept at 40°F or less for up to 2 days, and still be safe to eat. Frozen hamburger meat will keep indefinitely, but there will be a little loss of quality after about 4 months or so.

    • How to Paint an Exterior Door

      Whether you have a new exterior door to paint or are going to repaint an existing door, the techniques are basically the same. Repainting an old door requires some additional steps such as removing hardware, sanding and priming.

    • Agree to Disagree

      If we spend time pretending to agree to disagree just for the sake of making things nice again; we lose our voice, our confidence, and become hesitant and angry about the relationship.

    • Why Do Cats Purr

      Before discussing why cats purr, let’s take a look at how cats purr. Most creatures have a way of expressing happiness. For humans it is laugher or, perhaps, a contented sigh. For canines a good tail wagging is the best way to express joy. Cats also have a way to express happiness and other emotions: by purring. But how, exactly, does it happen.

  • Guest Article

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    Stef Daniel - Mom-Spirational

    Wisdom, Wisecracks and Wellbeing….For Women (Who Happen to Be Mothers)

    Article: If only Kids Would Listen 

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