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10 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Cleaner While You Cook

The kitchen is the heart of any family. Your diet is being made in the kitchen. We enjoy meals made in the kitchen with our family and friends. However, the dirty kitchen brings lots of diseases and nuisance in the home. Kitchen sometimes becomes the most avoidable place due to its looks, misplaced utensils, dirty dishes, filthy sink, and much other stuff! Health is the ultimate output we gain from Kitchen. So, it necessary to keep your kitchen neat and clean with the uttermost cares.

Clean your floors and walls

The basic of all cleaning work is to clean your floors! Be extra careful while cleaning your floors. Use the good mop to clean the surfaces. You can use a backpack vacuum cleaner or experts like Simply Maid to remove dust and dirt thoroughly from the whole area. Also, clean your walls with proper rubbing as there must be a blackish patch around your cooking area.

Systematic arrangement of the racks

Keep your racks in proper place and put utensils in the racks in their designated place as the look of kitchen depends upon how systematically you have arranged your racks and utensils. Some creativity could change the makeover of your kitchen. Always keep all the kitchen appliances in the proper location and clean them with the use of good liquid soaps especially made for them.

Keep your sink empty and clean

Be careful about the cleanliness of your sink. It could be of the major entrance for the germs and insects in your kitchen. Wash and wipe your sink twice a day. You must be careful to wash your sink after the washing of plates and dishes in the sink. It is advisable to put one naphthalene ball over the hole of the sink to reduce the stink smell.

Proper Packing of your grains and other eatables

The food grains are the inevitable part of your kitchen. At the end of the day, your task is to cook them and make a meal. Be careful about the proper packing of your food grains. If you don’t give proper attention; your grains could be attacked by insects and it could be contaminated. Use an air-tight container to store it.

Don’t buy unnecessary stuff if your kitchen is not big enough. Buy grains according to your family and kitchen. You can buy it later too. Ditto with other eatables too! In the case of chocolates, dry fruits and biscuits, always prefer the dry place to keep the containers.

Wash dishes as soon you finished your meals

You will have 50% less headache if you inculcate the habit of washing and wiping your dishes as soon as you eat the meals; believe me! There are a few advantages of washing dishes on time.

  • You don’t have to put extra efforts to clean the dishes as meals would be in liquefying stage.
  • You can clean your sink as soon as cleaning of dishes.
  • Your kitchen system will be in the proper place. Your precious time will be saved.
  • It will help in maintaining the odor of the kitchen environment.

Maintain your kitchen accessories

You have to maintain your kitchen stuff at regular intervals. Like what Elizabeth Plumb from The Homemakers Journal is doing, for example: sharpening of knife, changing the tap of water faucet, cleaning of R.O. water container, checking mixer-grinder, etc.

Keep your counter-tops clean

Your counter-tops are the jewel of your kitchen. More you clean it, more your kitchen glows. Use of some good grill brushes is advisable along with vacuum cleaner on regular basis. Use some liquid spray to wash specific dirty areas of the counter-tops.

Clean your fridge once in a month

Fridge/refrigerator is an important part of your kitchen. It keeps your vegetables, meals and other important eatables fresh and hygienic for a longer time. We use the fridge for different purpose like to preserve cool water, ice-blocks for a home party.

Moreover, it keeps your medicines safe. It’s very important to take care of your fridge. Clean it thoroughly once in the month. Defrost it weekly. Use of good grill brushes is advisable. Also, clean-up backup portion with the soft grilled brushes as it is the most likely place to breed and hide for insects and cockroaches.

Clean gas stoves and burners weekly

This must be included in your weekly work schedule. You MUST clean your gas stove and burners of grills in your house with the help of quality grill brush and stove pins. Moreover, regular inspection of rubber pipe connecting to a gas stove with the cylinder is mandatory for your family’s safety purpose.

Collect trash in the big bins

You can opt for two big bins to collect trash; one is for liquid waste and other is for solid waste if your kitchen is big enough. This will allow you to effectively collect trash and manage them for further disposal.

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