7 Common Laundry Mistakes You Should Avoid

Hey, no one’s perfect, but now that we live in such an information-rich age, it’s definitely time to read up on some of the most typical laundry mistakes people will make. Learn from the errors of others and avoid making any of the following when it comes time to do your laundry.

Not sorting out lights and darks

You certainly don’t want to wash your brand new red T-shirt with your favorite white blouse, as it’s likely that the latter will turn a nice shade of pink afterward. Because colors can “bleed” in the washing machine, making separate washes for darks and lights is a must. It’s a bit time-consuming, but if you like your clothing they way they look, it’s best to stick to this method. Learn the best ways regarding how to wash white clothes correctly and you’ll be a laundry pro in no time.

Putting detergent directly onto clothing

You know those drawers in your washing machine? There will be one for detergent and another for fabric softener. Never put detergent or powder directly onto the clothing, as it could result in an undesirable look when you pull out your clothing. You can throw laundry pods directly into the washing machine drum with your clothing, but this is an exception to the rule.

Pouring in more detergent thinking that it will mean cleaner clothing

Always use the recommended amount of laundry detergent according to your brand. Washing clothes can sometimes require several washes, but pouring in double the amount of detergent might leave your clothing with irritants that affect your skin. For example, pre-treat blood stains instead and then wash, rather than pouring in the entire bottle of detergent and hoping it’ll all be fine.

Using dryers

These machines use up a lot of energy, and as we’re trying to save our planet, you could just hang up your washing using a clothes rack inside or a line outside. Unless you’re in a rush and need something dry ASAP, use good old wind and sun to dry your things.

Not zipping up clothing before washing

For jeans or hoodies with zippers, make sure they are zipped up to the top so that they won’t potentially snag other pieces of clothing and cause a rip. Conversely, don’t button up shirts when washing them, as there’s no real benefit and it might weaken the threads around the button holes.

Scrubbing tough stains

When you grab a cloth and rub violently at a tomato sauce stain or coffee stain on your shirt, you are likely just making it worse and deepening the blemish into the fabric. It’s often better to use stain removal liquids before washing and dabbing lightly with a cloth, instead of rubbing.

Not reading the labels!

Each item of clothing will come with a label attached to it. This will tell you the correct temperature at which to wash (wool needs low temperatures while towels need a high temperature), and whether it needs to be dry cleaned instead of washed in a washing machine.

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