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Poinsettias – Also Know as the Mexican Flame Leaf

When the Christmas season starts setting in, you will find many houses having a common plant adorning their interiors. The vividly colored poinsettia.  Although it looks very colorful, it isn’t a flowering plant. Since it looks pretty and can make the interiors very vibrant, instead of spending on pricey flower plants, many people decorate their […]


Canadian Beer – Suds from The Great White North

A little piece of Canadian heritage… The BEAVER, the MAPLE LEAF, HOCKEY, MOUNTIES, CANADIAN GEESE, the MOOSE, COLD WEATHER, “EH”, and CANADIAN BACON. These are all great symbols of Canada and what it means to be Canadian. You might argue that some of these fall under the title of stereotypes, and I will agree with […]


Bay Leaf – Great for Soups and Stews

The leaves of the laurel (Laurus nobilis) tree are closely associated with European and North American cuisine. Native to Asia and cultivated in the Mediterranean and regions with similar climates, the Laurus nobilis is an evergreen member of the Lauraceae family and is related to cinnamon and sassafras. Characteristics Bay leaves are smooth, bright green, […]


Cumin – Used for Millennia as a Medicinal Plant

Cumin, also known as cumin seed or cummin, is the dried, tiny seed of the Cuminum cyminum (a member of the carrot family), and is related to parsley. Native to Egypt and the warmer regions of the Mediterranean, cumin has been used for thousands of years – the spice was praised by the Romans and […]


Basil – An Aromatic Herb in the Mint Family

Basil, part of the Ocimum genus, is an aromatic herb in the mint family. Native to warm climates like Africa and India, basils are a large group of herbs in and of themselves – there are over 150 species just in the Ocimum genus, but only around a dozen varieties are relevant to the modern […]


What is Omega 3 – An Important Dietary Fat

Do you have traumatic memories of your parents forcing you to swallow that horrific spoonful of cod liver oil? The fishy smell and oily texture has followed many of us into our adulthood and even worse was when manufacturers attempted to make it more palatable by adding a cherry flavoring. Whoever thought cherry flavored fish […]


Pregnancy and the Birth of Kittens

Breeding cats can be an extremely rewarding experience. However, before undertaking a breeding program, it is essential to understand what this involves from the time of mating to the time of weaning. It is also important to remember that there are many unwanted cats and that breeding requires responsibility that ensuring permanent, loving homes are […]


House Plants and Your Cat

When Maryann Lee found her cat in a corner, body shaking with convulsions, she rushed her to the vet. After almost a week of being unsure whether her cat, Willy, would survive, she learned that, thankfully, her pet was going to make it. Had Willy died, Maryann would have had to live with the fact […]


Wine Bottle Labels – Trivia and Information

Is it possible to tell the quality of wine simply by the label? Wine bottle labels offer more information to the trained eye than one would think. There are obvious wines that should be avoided just by the label. Without naming specific wines, there are a few out there with cartoon images of drunken sailors […]


Gloria Ferrer – 2007 Brut Rose

Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards was the first producing winery in Sonoma to produce sparkling wines. With Spanish influences and its “Old World” sustainable practices, this wonderful winery was first established in 1986. This picturesque winery is located on its 338 acre vineyard, dedicated mostly to its Pinot Noir vines. After years of experimentation with […]


What Type Of Wine Is Pinot Noir

Ever since the movie Sideways came out, there has been a lot of interest in Pinot Noir wines, and with good reason. There are worse ways to spend an evening than sharing a bottle of this exquisite liquid, enjoying the heady aromas full of the promise of things to come, the visual appeal of the […]


Celery Seed – Used in Mediterranean and North American Dishes

A member of the carrot family which is native to India/China and cultivated in France, celery seed is an often overlooked member of the modern spice rack. With scent and flavor profiles similar to that of fresh celery, the seeds can enhance many dishes with their grassy, almost hay-like flavor, and are a wonderful addition […]


Saffron – The Most Expensive Spice in the World

Saffron, the highly esteemed spice associated with Spanish, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisine, is the most expensive spice in the world. Derived from the beautiful saffron crocus native to Southwest Asia, saffron has been cultivated for well over 3000 years and is almost literally worth its weight in gold. Characteristics The saffron crocus (a member […]


Parsley – High in Vitamins A and C

Parsley (Petroselinum crispum), a member of the carrot family and relative of dill and fennel, is easily one of the most important herbs in European cooking. It was once synonymous with celery in ancient Rome and has been on of the most dominant kitchen herbs in the last two thousand years. The plant, which is […]


Horseradish – It can bring tears to a Strong Person’s Eyes

Horseradish freshly grated and added to sauces can bring tears to a strong person’s eyes and take their breath away, at least for a moment. This amazing 3,000-year-old plant has been used as an aphrodisiac, a treatment for rheumatism, a bitter herb for Passover Seders, and a sharp complement for beef, chicken and seafood. Horseradish’s […]