• Baby Names - Giving Your Child a Name

  • Unusual Baby Boy Names

    Finding unusual baby boy names when naming a new baby that sound dignified while setting the child apart can be a bit of a challenge without a little research.

    • Naming a Girl - Your Daughter Deserves the Best

      While we like word games, expecting couples enjoy name games.  Even before she gets pregnant, a woman is already thinking of two things:  one, a healthy baby girl (or boy) and two, a really pretty name – a name that will set her apart from the rest.

    • Southern Baby Names

      The first time I remember hearing a distinctly southern name was when someone referred to Tallulah Bankhead, the American actress. I immediately assumed that “Tallulah” was a stage name. It was not. Neither is it a surprising name when one considers that Ms. Bankhead was born in Alabama to a mother who also possessed a very southern name - Adelaide Eugenia Sledge.

    • Irish Girls’ Baby Names

      Some of the most popular names to appear in top ten lists over the past few years are of Gaelic and Irish origin.

    • Top Ten Baby Names

      It is tough to find a definitive top ten list of baby names since these lists vary somewhat by region, but the names that have appeared at the top for the past few years are pretty standard.

    • Redneck Baby Names

      Not sure what constitutes a redneck name? Here are a few examples: Billy Bob, Cletus, Horace, Elrod, and Eustice. Some of these names, like Cletus, Horace and Elrod, have legitimate pedigrees, with origins in Latin and Greek. Others, like Eustice, have no traceable lineage and seem to have been pulled from thin air by inventive parents.  >> more

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