Finding Fun Activities for Teenagers

Teenagers are fickle people. It can be a full time job to keep up with their latest interests and desires since they are changing so fast. Teenagers grow in these monumental leaps forward and yet hand onto childhood dreams well into adulthood. For a parent trying to keep their kid busy with fun and interesting activities, the challenge can be quite impressive.

It’s always a good idea to encourage creativity to suppress boredom. The television is not the best source of entertainment for them, especially if you have caught any of the shows on MTV lately.

For some reason most teenagers don’t find unstructured creativity enticing. With the exception of the artistically inclined, getting your teenager to break out art supplies or to write a book can be an interesting scenario. Structured creativity, however, goes a long way in the adolescent world. Something as simple as signing them up for hip hop classes gives them a round of benefits that usually goes over well even if they have to experience the first class before they appreciate it. Hip hop classes teaches them something that their friends are going to think is really cool, encourages them to be creative, and provides them with adequate exercise.

Learning a little bit of various sports can keep them active and charged up. There are sport camps available for younger teens who haven’t quite found their niche. These camps are run throughout the country and offer basic skills in numerous sports to introduce kids to a wide variety of activities. For kids who are naturally athletic but haven’t developed their interests any farther than gym class, these camps can introduce them at the very least to new friends, and possible a sport to become passionate about.

Not all adolescents are athletically inclined. Some teenagers are only content when they are locked away in their room playing video games. This can be a highly consuming interest that can lead to anti social behavior as well as obesity and eventual loneliness. Cyber camps can introduce a whole new world to your child, open them up to socialization, and show them that there are careers in the gaming industry that are well paying and challenging, yet require good grades. These careers also require social skills, and a motivated teenager can find themselves getting a jump on their future while pursuing what had the potential to become a negative obsession.

Youth groups and clubs offer a never ending variety of activities and exploration regardless of the affiliation. Youth groups can be church oriented or can have a non denominational association. Youth groups provide camping trips, public services, real life education, local interest, and self fulfilling challenges. Some clubs are specialized by interest such as equine clubs while others are more generic but cover a broad base range of activities and influences designed to challenge teenagers to make the world around them a better place. Teaching social responsibility as well as teaching younger generations that there actions can have a positive impact on the world are the basic missions of youth groups and clubs.

Being part of a youth group or club that encourages young people to take part in bettering their community can boost your teenager’s self esteem and empower them for a lifetime of positive action. While back in eighties and early nineties these groups were considered “dorky” or “nerdy” they are now quite progressive and inclusive. These are excellent resources for the teenager who struggles socially at school or who can’t quite determine what captures their interest.

Having your teenager idly wandering about the house with too much time on their hands is not the healthiest lifestyle. Some kids simply have difficulty making friends, but placing them in social situations outside of school can help them increase their social skills and make one or two close friends.

Activities that challenge their body and mind build self esteem and contribute a sense of accomplishment to their daily lives. Spending quality time with family members is very important, and a few weekends that are simply family oriented helps everyone stay connected and communicating. Having outside influences helps them learn how to deal with the world around them and how to impact that world in a positive manner.

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