• The Best Way To Freeze Meat

    Freezing should always be done at temperatures of 0°F or colder. The quality of thawed meat is dependent on the quality of the meat before freezing, so freezing meat sooner, rather than later is paramount.

    • Table Salt vs. Sea Salt

      So-called Sea Salt is all the rage in health circles now. Claims are made that it is 'healthier' than 'Table Salt', has more minerals, is less processed, tastes better, has less sodium, has “the spirit of the ocean” in it that can somehow be transferred to humans , and other extraordinary benefits.

    • How Long Do You Grill Hamburgers

      Although the hamburger is a fairly basic food, there are secrets and hints that you can utilize to ensure your burgers are the hit of the cookout. This article is about how to make a fine burger mixture and how long you grill hamburgers.

    • White vs Brown Rice

      It's pretty obvious from the charts that brown rice has more nutrients.  But is this really significant? After all, in the US, rice is hardly ever eaten by itself. Can't the shortages in the white rice be made up with the side dishes?

    • Legumes

      What’s great about legumes is that they can often be substituted for each other in cooking; if you are looking for kidney beans but cannot find them, use black and pinto beans instead.

    • The Best Steak Sauces

      Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce-the oldest commercially-bottled condiment in the world, and still one of the best. A fish sauce called garum was a staple of the Roman Empire, especially in the Mediterranean. Like many great things, the modern evolution of this wonderful sauce was an accident.

    • Pineapples

      Despite its longstanding public image as a Hawaiian fruit, the pineapple actually hails from South America.  It did not take root in the islands until the 1790, when Captain James Cook brought it to Hawaii long after Spanish and Portugese explorers had transplanted them throughout Europe and other parts of the world.

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