• Fresh vs. Frozen Turkeys

    Most chefs and cooking experts will tell you that neither type of bird is better than the other, though environmentalists will usually opt in favor of the fresh turkey.  The choice usually comes down to a few important issues.  The first is taste.

    • How To Deal With SPAM- The Edible Stuff

      I will list several of my favorite recipes, so you can all know how to deal with SPAM. Feel free to experiment. Hormels website has lots of great cooking ideas.

    • Keeping Cheese Fresh

      First of all, you should know the shelf life of the type of cheese you are storing. Generally, hard cheeses, like Cheddar and Swiss, last longer than soft cheeses, like Brie. Once opened, Cheddar and Swiss last about 24-28 days in the fridge. Soft cheeses last only about 5 – 7 days.

    • Cranberries

      When shopping for fresh cranberries, look for plump berries with bright, shiny skin.  Their scarlet tone can range from light to dark red.

    • Parsley

      Parley is closely associated with Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and European cooking.  It is used primarily for seasoning dishes but in some regions is so frequently utilized it can take on the role of vegetable (as is common in Middle Eastern cuisine).

    • Potato Varieties

      All in all there are over 150 different varieties of potatoes.  They have names like AC Blue Pride, Fabula, Viking, Yukon Gold, and Russet.

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