• All Coffees Are Not Created Equal

    There are many factors that effect the price of what you paid for that Styrofoam-cupped repast you bought at a convenience store on the way to work. Different varieties bring different prices, and the prices on the world market are effected by many factors, both physical and political.

    • Ceasar Salad Recipe

      In a small mixing bowl, add the Worcestershire Sauce, lemon juice, capers, Dijon mustard, garlic, and salt and pepper. Crack the egg into the mixing bowl and whisk until the mixture is nice and creamy.

    • Blue Cheese

      For those who base their dietary desires on aroma, this cheese is certainly not high on their list of favorites. The pungent smell of blue cheese is often enough to keep children in particular from trying it, and thus they can never fully enjoy the actual goodness and unique flavor that some people find in this misunderstood cheese.

    • Puff Pastry

      One of the building blocks of French cuisine, puff pastry is made from layers upon layers of dough and butter.  This beautifully complex, delicate pastry serves as the foundation of many recipes.

    • Limes

      Like the juice of lemons, lime juice prevent oxidation and therefore can be sprinkled on fresh-cut fruit to prevent it from browning.  Its chemical properties also make it a valuable addition to marinades.  Lime juice serves as a wonderful salt substitute for people who are regulating their sodium intake.  Its piquancy enhances the flavor of many foods.

    • Microwave vs Air-Popped Popcorn - Which is Better

      false false People had had a love-affair with popcorn for thousands of years. In fact, there is archaeological evidence that corn was cultivated originally to be popped. Popcorn has been found in the "Bat Cave" in New Mexico that was over 5000 years old, and in sites in Peru, corn that could

    • Great Tasting California Chardonnay

      Generally what you find in premium California Chardonnay’s is what we all expect, apple, peach, vanilla, and a minerality, which is found in a wine where the Vintner naturally processes its grape without much “dabbling”.

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