• Does Barbecuing Food Really Cause Cancer

    Ignoring the obvious fact that if this were really true, then 95% of the worlds population would be dead by now, we can examine this objectively. Even a cursory examination of the actual evidence should answer the question: Does Barbecuing Food really Cause Cancer?

    • Respecting Others Spiritual Beliefs at the Table

      What happens when you are a guest in someone’s home for dinner and just before eating, they bow their head and pray at the table – something that you don’t normally do? Do you bow with them; kind of bow and see who has their eyes closed… or just start planning your move on the scalloped potatoes to your left?

    • How To Make A Bean Salad

      To make a bean salad, it is helpful to know about the different kinds of beans you may be dealing with. There are several thousand different species of beans, so it would be impractical to try to list them all, but here are a few of the most common varieties you would most likely use for salads.

    • Blue Cheese

      For those who base their dietary desires on aroma, this cheese is certainly not high on their list of favorites. The pungent smell of blue cheese is often enough to keep children in particular from trying it, and thus they can never fully enjoy the actual goodness and unique flavor that some people find in this misunderstood cheese.

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    • Sweet Potatoes Facts and Fallacies

      No holiday meal is complete without stimulating, interesting conversation. So while you serve your guests one form of sweet potato or another, use these facts and fallacies to stimulate their brain! It will be a welcome diversion from the usual family arguments.

    • Cooking a Turkey

      The second part of the preparation stage is flavoring the turkey. This is where you’ll use butter, olive oil, herbs and spices to give the holiday meal the pizzazz that it needs. Certainly turkey has a flavor of its own without any of these extra seasonings, but your guests are most likely more likely to remember the meal as special if the turkey has enhanced flavors. Here are some flavor ideas

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