• Cooking Beef, Chicken, Lamb & Fish

  • Does Barbecuing Food Really Cause Cancer

    Ignoring the obvious fact that if this were really true, then 95% of the worlds population would be dead by now, we can examine this objectively. Even a cursory examination of the actual evidence should answer the question: Does Barbecuing Food really Cause Cancer?

    • Barbecuing with Wood Chips

      In the modern world, meat is smoked for the enhancement of flavor, rather than preservation, and to this end, many different types of wood have been experimented with.

    • Grilling Salmon

      When grilling salmon, fire up the grill to medium high heat. Sprinkle a pinch of sea salt and freshly ground pepper on fresh or thawed salmon fillets or steaks that have been brushed with butter or olive oil.

    • How to Make Hot Wings

      When considering how to make chicken wings to fit your next meal, there’s a wide range of cooking methods and flavors to consider. This includes baking, deep fat frying, pan frying, barbecuing, broiling, braising, rotisserie and broasting.

    • How to Make Creole Sauce

      There are few things more delectable than food made with a good Creole sauce. The zippy flavors of tomato, onion, garlic, and celery are a sure way to tantalize the taste buds.

    • How Long Do I Grill a Rib Eye Steak

      How long you grill your rib eye depends upon how well you want it done. Whether a steak is cooked rare, medium rare or to any of the other three degrees of being done is determined by the internal temperature of the meat.

    • How to Make Barbecued Beef Ribs

      Because the success of your barbecued beef ribs depends largely on the sauce and the type of meat you use. the first thing to do is go shopping. You’ll find that ribs are cut into short ribs or long ribs. Many people prefer the short ribs for appetizers and the longer ones for meals.

    • Grilling Beef Tenderloin

      Whenever grilling beef tenderloin, always follow the traditional rule that is used for grilling all meats: Don’t place the meat on a cold or warm grill; have the heat source hot enough to sear the meat quickly which will seal in the juices.

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