• Cooking Beef, Chicken, Lamb & Fish

  • Grilling Salmon

    When grilling salmon, fire up the grill to medium high heat. Sprinkle a pinch of sea salt and freshly ground pepper on fresh or thawed salmon fillets or steaks that have been brushed with butter or olive oil.

    • Smoking Hot Chili

      To understand chili, you need to understand the peppers used to create it. The most common peppers used are Anchos, Polanos, Anahiems, and Jalapenos and this recipe uses several of them.

    • Ordering Meat Online

      Remember the old days when you would accompany your mother to the butcher shop to buy fresh cuts of meat for the family’s dinner? Every town, it seems, had a local butcher who knew everything there was to know about.

    • The Best Way To Freeze Meat

      Freezing should always be done at temperatures of 0°F or colder. The quality of thawed meat is dependent on the quality of the meat before freezing, so freezing meat sooner, rather than later is paramount.

    • Smoking Hot Chicken Wings

      There are many stories about how Hot Wings were created, and most of the stories involve the Anchor Bar, in Buffalo, NY, and the Bellissimo family, who own the bar.

    • Meats Facts All Men Should Know

      If you’re spending any time at all grilling or barbecuing meat, you’ll want to take this quiz on meats. It is full of meat facts all men should know and may give you some new ideas that increase the zesty and passionate flavors in your next meals.

    • How to Cook a Ham for Christmas

      You may not be able to outdo Grandma, but you certainly can do an excellent job with these helpful hints on how to shop, select, and prepare a ham. The result is a ham that tastes much better than a deli ham, a tasty creation that has every bit of your personality.

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