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  • Capped vs. Corked Wine; Is There A Difference

    You're at a wine-tasting party. The host brings out an expensive-looking bottle of 1997 PlumpJack Cabernet Sauvignon. But wait....where is the corkscrew? As you watch in total disbelief, the host actually grabs the cap and twists it off.....aaaaauuuuugghh!

    • 10 Great Wines for the Holidays

      If the holidays have you feeling extravagant, here’s a vintage that truly reflects the best the season has to offer.  This mesmerizing Muscat is a perfect nightcap to end your festive evening; a wine that deliciously expresses the romance and passion of Italy.

    • Ice Wine

      Ice wine is a dessert wine, known for its full body and fruity taste and aroma. But unlike others in this category, it has a refreshing dry finish that is achieved through its balance of sweetness and acidity.

    • Will a Wine Aerator Improve the Taste of Your Wine

      You will be amazed at the positive affect on your taste buds and senses by using an aerator and allowing a young cabernet sauvignon or high tannin red breathe for 20 minutes.

    • What are Tannins

      Winemakers do their best to minimize the undesirable tannins from the seeds by crushing the grapes gently.  Pressing the grapes results in “press wine” which is more tannic and may be used to blend with the “first wine” to adjust the flavor and levels of tannins.

    • Wine Bottle Labels

      Wine bottle labels offer more information to the trained eye than one would think. There are obvious wines that should be avoided just by the label.

    • What Type Of Wine Is Pinot Noir

      Pinot Noir grapes grow in cooler regions all around the world, but the most famous come from the Burgundy region in France. The Pinot Noir grape produces some of the finest wines available, but it is very difficult to cultivate, and making wine from them tests the talents of even the most expert wine-makers.

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