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  • Calories in White Wine

    Are there that many calories in white wine? To answer this, we need to know a little about basic physics, nutrition and about the wine itself.

    • Gloria Ferrer - 2007 Brut Rose

      In the early 1930’s Pedro Ferrer Bosch came to the U.S. from Spain where he had an established sparkling wine business, with an intent to produce the same here.

    • You Can’t Judge a Wine by its Label

      There you are at your local wine store, looking at the walls of wine and wanting to try something new and of course delicious! The question is that the wine with the weird label and name any good?

    • Eight Top Wine-Producing Regions of the World

      No matter where you’re traveling, chances are you can work a vineyard tour and sampling in.  But these eight regions produce some of the world’s best wine, and are an absolute must-see for any visitor with a taste for vino.

    • Attending and Enjoying a Wine and Food Event

      Believe me when I say, there isn’t anything better than having fresh Dungeness Oregon  Crab in your mouth and taking a sip of a nice crisp bright buttery Chardonnay. You will immediately find that this crab needs no butter, it’s in the wine.

    • Pairing Wine with Seafood

      So, let’s talk about Chardonnay and what it pairs well with and why. To begin with, you either have Chardonnay aged in oak or stainless steel, and that can really make a difference on how it tastes with seafood.

    • Health Benefits of Red Wine

      Although it was generally accepted by most health care professionals that moderate amounts of red wine could be beneficial, it was not until Dr. Serge Renaud of Bordeaux University described what he called the “French Paradox” in 1991, that any serious investigation was done.

    • Non-Alcoholic Wines

      You might ask "Isn't non-alcoholic wine just fruit juice?" That is a common misconception, and could not be further from the truth.  Non-alcoholic wines begin as regular wine.

    • Accessories for Wine Glasses

      Wine charms are great for parties and gatherings.  If you are all drinking red wine it can be difficult to know whose glass is whose.  The wine glass charms make it easy to know if that is your glass or not.

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