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  • Capped vs. Corked Wine; Is There A Difference

    You're at a wine-tasting party. The host brings out an expensive-looking bottle of 1997 PlumpJack Cabernet Sauvignon. But wait....where is the corkscrew? As you watch in total disbelief, the host actually grabs the cap and twists it off.....aaaaauuuuugghh!

    • An Exclusive Wine Vacation Cruise in Provence & Spain

      With all the many choices in the world of travel and adventure, there is one that you may not be aware of. We are speaking of the latest offerings of the wine aficionado, a wine and cruise holiday.

    • Wine Trends for 2011

      On a brighter side, California's excellent 2007 vintage, fantastic for Pinot Noirs, and outstanding for Napa Valley Cabernets, should be available through most of 2011.

    • Serving Wild Game with Wine

      In this article we will investigate and open the eye of the “Big Game Hunter and Huntress” out there, assisting you in your choices when pairing wines to game.

    • The Truth about Wine Blends

      There are basically two kinds of wine in the world, single varietal and blends. One can even argue that many “single varietal” wines are in fact blends, as many are produced using grapes from different locations within the vineyards, and in many cases, grapes from another vineyard in a different region.

    • St. Francis Winery 2008 Pagani Vineyard, Zinfandel

      St Francis is located in Santa Rose California, on Pythian Road, in beautiful Sonoma. They have consistently produced high quality varietal wines, gathered from some of the most superior valley and mountain area vineyards.

    • Pyrenees Vineyard & Cellar

      As you take your first sip the deep richness of fruit, spice and black pepper lead to the layers of plum, black cherry, pomegranate and a wisp of cloves. The length will surprise and please, leading anticipation of the sip and flavors yet to be experienced.

    • You Can’t Judge a Wine by its Label

      There you are at your local wine store, looking at the walls of wine and wanting to try something new and of course delicious! The question is that the wine with the weird label and name any good?

    • Erath Winery 2008 La Nuit Magique Pinot Noir

      The Willamette Valley is well known for producing some of the best Pinot Noir on earth, and when Dick Erath relocated to the Red Hills in 1968 and planted his first grapes the next year, he became a pioneer.

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