• It’s Not the 80”s Anymore Mom

    Kids today think that they are so far ahead of the fashion meter that there is no way that parents could understand.  And most of the fashions that are coming back today for the youth are rooted in the wonderful 1980’s.

    • There Is More To Exercising Than Just Losing Weight

      One big mistake that some people make as they go about their journey into starting up on a health and fitness routine is thinking that their sole mission is losing weight.

    • Buying Clothes for Twin Girls

      There is two ways to look at how you buy clothes for twin girls that largely depends on how you feel about your twins.  In the beginning, it doesn’t really matter how you dress them – just that you do.

    • Can You Speed Up Your Metabolism

      Most people, don’t blame their extra donut around the middle or the 10-pound per year weight gain on poor lifestyle habits or poor choices, but on their ‘slow metabolism.’ Is this just a bad excuse?

    • Curbing Sugar from our Kids Diets

      If your children eat less sugar they are more likely to maintain a healthy weight, have less dental problems and consume more nutrients.  Overall you will have a healthier, more energetic child!

    • Percent of Americans Who are Obese

      How many Americans struggle with weight problems, obesity in particular? Obesity is more prevalent in the United States than any other country, including other Western industrialized regions like the United Kingdom.

    • Natural Skin Care

      The question is what are the best types of natural skin care on the market today.  Every year, there is a new product introduced that is supposed to ‘revolutionize’ skin care.

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