• How To Make Your Recipes Healthier

    When you are cooking or baking you don’t need to feel compelled to follow a recipe exactly.  Meals can be adjusted and made healthier by a few substitutions or additions and with a bit of trial and error you can still make your favourite recipes, but feel confident you are serving up a healthier dish.

    • Celebrating a Husband’s Birthday

      While many husbands will say they don’t want anything for their birthday – across the board, each on the survey stated that they wanted to spend time with family.

    • Playing Hooky from Work

      It is tempting. You have already taken your vacation and still do not feel like you have enough R&R. Or, it is the first day of real fall weather – with a cool breeze and crayola blue skies and you can’t bear the thought of spending your day confined in an office.

    • Turning 50 is Not the End of the World

      Today’s 50 year old normally lives an active and healthy lifestyle, and is still able to participate and enjoy many of the same activities as someone who is 30 or 40.  The difference is that they are no longer caring for families and are typically more financially secure than they were a decade earlier.

    • Understanding Amortization

      The loan amortization schedule is created with the use of a column with these headings:  payment number, payment date, beginning balance, scheduled payment, extra payments, total payments, principal, interest, ending balance and cumulative interest.

    • How to Save Money on your Electricity Bill

      One thing is for certain if you’re running an appliance that is a decade or more older, you’re using more energy than needed. The older an appliance, the less cost efficient it becomes.

    • Throwing a Bachelorette Party

      So, for starters, you have to plan the date of the bachelorette party. The night before the wedding is probably not a brilliant idea. Most brides want to have their beauty rest beforehand and don't want to feel hungover as they say their wedding vows.

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