• Wearing Your Pajamas in Public

    Its becoming so bad, that its difficult to take your child anywhere without seeing someone who should be wearing a bra not wearing one, a G-string sticking out of the back of a pair of flannel pants and bunny slippers where shoes should be.

    • What To Know About Running In Warm Weather

      Many people often think that they can just step outside and away they go, but unless you take a few important considerations into account, you may not enjoy that run as much as you would have hoped.

    • How to Clean Suede Shoes

      If you have followed these steps carefully and are still unable to remove stains from your suede shoes, there are other steps you can take to assist yourself.  In cases where the stain is from something waxy, like gum, refrigerating your shoe helps because it makes the content colder, hence easier to scrape off.

    • How Often Should You Weigh Yourself

      To ensure you see an accurate measure of weight you should weigh yourself no more than once a week.  If you do not want to check each week you should check each fortnight.

    • How to Get Rid of Head Lice

      Head lice are an extremely common human infestation of parasites that is most typically passed around in schools because of the close contact that children have with one another.

    • Why Most Diets Won’t Work For You

      Although diets seem to cause an initial rapid loss of weight, they are not designed for long term living.  So why don’t these diets work? Let’s look into a few of them...

    • Caring for Aging Parents

      For many adults, the reality of caring for aging parents hits home much sooner than they anticipated.  You go from watching your parent’s age, still feeling like they are invincible to realizing there comes a time when they need help.

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