• Am I Addicted to Food?

    According to the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery, food addiction is simply an obsessive preoccupation with food. It doesn’t mean that a food addict can’t get enough of food – it could be that they are so concerned with food, that they avoid it at all costs.

    • Running In Cold Weather

      The very first 'must-do' when running in colder weather is to make sure that you're layering your clothing properly.  One big mistake that some runners make is thinking that they'll just warm up once they get out there.

    • Top Five Fashion Mistakes

      Do not feel you have to re-invent the wheel to be considered fashion-forward; make the most of what you have and take care to honor the dress codes and standards of where you are, and you will come out on top.

    • Can I Get Pregnant While Having My Period?

      The majority of pregnancies do not occur during menses. In fact, the percentage of women who get pregnant while having their period is very low, but the fact that it does happen.

    • Vinegar and Kidney Stones

      Kidney stones form in the kidneys out of the substances found in urine and they are a solid piece of material that appears like a tiny stone, hence the name “kidney stones”.

    • Getting Children to Brush their Teeth

      In the perils of parenting, it is amazing how young children will do anything to make you happy – until you ask them to do it. When it comes to tooth care – this is an ongoing battle for many parents whether they have toddler to teens.

    • Ethical Clothing - Should You Buy Clothing from Third World Countries

      While the lowest available price of clothing has an apparent and immediate benefit, it is outweighed by the long-term potential perils to ourselves and others.

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