• Making December Birthdays Special

    Being born in December can stink for a lot of reasons – especially for children.  For one thing, the closer the birthday falls near Christmas, the more the birthday is overshadowed by the holidays.

    • When to Tell the Boss You’re Pregnant

      You finally get the job of your dreams, manage a few promotions and then suddenly…your late! Not for work, but the kind of late that makes your heart jump! Off to the drugstore only to find out a few minutes later that your recent bouts of fatigue are not from working too hard; but because you are pregnant.

    • Throwing an Engagement Party

      A soon-to-be-married couple deserves to have a final hoorah before they give their vows and enter into the Real World, which typically consists of buying a home and eventually welcoming children into it, etc. An engagement party can't be thrown together at the last minute; there are actually specific steps you should take to prepare for it.

    • Christmas Lists

      There’s something about Christmas lists that tug at our hearts and minds...the wrong way. It almost resembles narcissism, a total abandon of prudence and logic. Just because it’s an unshakeable tradition among some families to hand out wish lists doesn’t mean that we can’t break away from tradition when the occasion calls for it.

    • Photos with Santa

      The best approach to the photos with Santa opportunity is to play it by ear.  Stroll your kid by the big guy a time or two and actually ask them if they want to sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas.

    • Get Rich Quick Schemes

      One of the allures of America is not only that anyone can get rich and live the American dream, but that it can be done quickly and in some cases,  even overnight.

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