• What Happened to Sunday

    In today’s world, Sunday is one of the busiest of the year.  Whereas years ago people wouldn’t dare schedule sports events, practices or birthday parties on Sunday – Sundays today are filled with long to-do lists in order to prepare for the even busier week ahead.

    • Throwing an Engagement Party

      A soon-to-be-married couple deserves to have a final hoorah before they give their vows and enter into the Real World, which typically consists of buying a home and eventually welcoming children into it, etc. An engagement party can't be thrown together at the last minute; there are actually specific steps you should take to prepare for it.

    • Playing Hooky from Work

      It is tempting. You have already taken your vacation and still do not feel like you have enough R&R. Or, it is the first day of real fall weather – with a cool breeze and crayola blue skies and you can’t bear the thought of spending your day confined in an office.

    • Paying Off Credit Card Debt

      Credit card debt, however, is bad debt.  Chances are, you can’t sell back whatever it was you bought with your credit card to pay back the debt.

    • How to Cure Your Fear of Flying

      Do you want to take an exotic vacation – but resist due to the fact that you need an airplane to get there?  Are you accepting of the fact that you are limited to a life that only takes you as far as a boat, train or automobile can take you?

    • Keylogger Software - Is Your Spouse Spying On You

      A keylogger is a program that runs in the background hidden from the user that can record every keystroke. It stores all this information in a file for later retrieval.

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