• What Does My Birthday Say About Me

    While some do not believe in the Zodiac chart’s authenticity, many cannot deny that the uncanny elements of their personality are captured brilliantly by their sign – while others argue that anything can be twisted to “fit” if you really look hard enough or offer enough options to make it so.

    • Get Rich Quick Schemes

      One of the allures of America is not only that anyone can get rich and live the American dream, but that it can be done quickly and in some cases,  even overnight.

    • How to Tell if You’re a Workaholic

      Workaholism is defined as a compulsive need to work, similar to obsessive-compulsive disorder.   A driven career person can function outside of work, but a workaholic is so focused that their passion for work can undermine family relationships.

    • Throwing an Engagement Party

      A soon-to-be-married couple deserves to have a final hoorah before they give their vows and enter into the Real World, which typically consists of buying a home and eventually welcoming children into it, etc. An engagement party can't be thrown together at the last minute; there are actually specific steps you should take to prepare for it.

    • How to Live a Simpler Life

      We know all about the property agents’ adages of “starting out” when we buy our first house, and “slowing down” or downsizing when the children have left the nest. But do we really need to upsize in between?

    • The Idiocy Behind Many Facebook Shares and Likes

      It’s important to note that NONE of the posts that say, “One like equals one dollar to such and such cause,” actually donate any money to anyone.  Facebook doesn’t work like that. It’s a scam. A big scam. A scam that so many people are falling for second by second in the world of social media.

    • Hawaii with Children

      While Hawaii remains a rather costly destination, it’s also kid-friendly.  With a host of historical and natural attractions, fantastic watersports, volcanoes, stunning beaches, and much more, America’s 50th state offers something for every age and plenty to keep children occupied.

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