• Balancing Work and Family

    We all know we live in a rat race, one where hard work means promotions, more money, better houses, better vacations, and better clothes.  The perks for wealth are enormous.  Yet there is still something to be said for knowing when, where and how to draw the line.

    • How Much Should You Spend on a Family Vacation

      According to a recent American Express survey, many households are expected to spend about $1,200 per person on family vacations. For the typical middle-class, median-sized household, with an income of roughly $50,000 and an average household size of 4 people, that translates to an estimate of 5% to 7% of annual income.

    • Can Money Buy Happiness

      For many people the collection of money and material things is a direct equation that they feel represents success.  And so it becomes that having MORE – would seem to boost self esteem and ego and make a person feel more successful.

    • Throwing an Engagement Party

      A soon-to-be-married couple deserves to have a final hoorah before they give their vows and enter into the Real World, which typically consists of buying a home and eventually welcoming children into it, etc. An engagement party can't be thrown together at the last minute; there are actually specific steps you should take to prepare for it.

    • Hiring a Life Coach

      Hiring a life coach is synonymous to hiring a success coach.  Many mortals like to be successful but don’t know how to become successful.  It is surprising that when asked what their idea of success is, they give you a blank stare and mutter, huh?

    • The Idiocy Behind Many Facebook Shares and Likes

      It’s important to note that NONE of the posts that say, “One like equals one dollar to such and such cause,” actually donate any money to anyone.  Facebook doesn’t work like that. It’s a scam. A big scam. A scam that so many people are falling for second by second in the world of social media.

    • Dealing with Jet Lag

      Jet lag occurs because the body naturally has what is called a Circadian Rhythm.  This Circadian rhythm is our internal biological clock that tells us when to sleep and when to wake up.

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