• Balancing Work and Family

    We all know we live in a rat race, one where hard work means promotions, more money, better houses, better vacations, and better clothes.  The perks for wealth are enormous.  Yet there is still something to be said for knowing when, where and how to draw the line.

    • Are Families Really Better Off When Both Parents Work

      While many analysts believe that earning the two incomes helps to raise families out of poverty and better enables them to provide financially for their family, others speculate that the two incomes prod families to live above their means.

    • Cost of Raising a Child

      When the cost of raising a child becomes more than a relationship can bear and more than what is left in the bank, the time has come to pull in the reins and begin using common sense!

    • How to Repair Bad Credit

      It’s easier than ever to fall into the bad-credit cycle, and credit card companies are continually on the lookout for excuses to add to your interest—even sending in an electric or phone bill late can affect your credit.

    • Is TV Ruining Your Life

      Blaming the demise of our youth, the demise of a marriage, and things like obesity on TV viewing is an absurd scapegoat.  It’s like blaming McDonalds for making people fat.  Or blaming Coca Cola Company for diabetes. We need to take some responsibility for our actions.

    • Things to See in Philadelphia

      Steeped in early American history, yet family-friendly enough to be enjoyed by all ages, Philadelphia has it all, including not only colonial history attractions but also excellent museums, arts and music venues, sports teams, national parks, and much more.

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