• Halloween Superstition and Myths

    Bats and black cats.  Bats are indeed sinister creatures.  Ancient myths believed that if a bat flew around ones house three times, it meant someone inside would soon die.

    • Planning a Retirement Party

      Retirement is a huge milestone in life.  Gone are the days of keeping your nose to the grindstone, waking up early, and living amongst millions in the rate race of life.  Retirement is what many people spend the majority of their life planning.  Then one day, just like that it’s here.

    • Take This Job and Shove It

      When the song, Take this Job and Shove it, was first released, it quickly climbed up the charts and probably empowered a great many people to take their lives by the horns and tell their boss to stick.

    • Educating Children About Money is as Important as Lessons in Math and English

      How many people have heard of this scenario?  A young adult gets straight A’s all through high school, great grades in college, finds a great job and then is bankrupt by the ripe age of 24?

    • Understanding Amortization

      The loan amortization schedule is created with the use of a column with these headings:  payment number, payment date, beginning balance, scheduled payment, extra payments, total payments, principal, interest, ending balance and cumulative interest.

    • Disconnecting from the Digital World

      Chances are you have a device of some sorts. And chances are your life is filled with beeps, and tweets and whistles and bings that keep you jumping. Ring tones that beckon, and choices to be made about whether to finish a conversation or answer a text.

    • Family Vacations! Well Worth the Investment

      Even if you have to save some money every week for an entire year in order to be able to afford a nice getaway with your family, it is something that you should do. Here’s why.

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