• Needs versus Wants

    In life today, few people in western civilizations actually know or feel the difference between needs versus wants. It can’t go without wondering if this is part of the problem with out world.

    • Playing Hooky from Work

      It is tempting. You have already taken your vacation and still do not feel like you have enough R&R. Or, it is the first day of real fall weather – with a cool breeze and crayola blue skies and you can’t bear the thought of spending your day confined in an office.

    • Wedding Card Wishes

      If you have a friend of family member who is getting married soon, read on to find a few verses written by professional greeting card writers along with perfect favorite quotes and verses for making that card extra, extra special.

    • Going to a Tupperware party?

      The Tupperware party has gone through a bit of evolution, but the essence of it has remained in many social events to this day. The Tupperware party is not yet dead but if you're invited to one, don't expect it to be a dull gathering of domestic wives.

    • Christmas Traditions

      Contemplating Christmas traditions can make everyone empathize with Tim Allen’s character in Christmas with the Kranks! The holidays often bring out the worst in families who all want or demand their extended families to spend it with them.

    • Tips for Saving Money on Groceries

      Your food-buying habits can make or break your monthly budget.  Your monthly food allotment isn’t fixed like your rent or utility payments, so you’ve got a lot of room to save—or bust your budget.  If you want to save money when going to the grocery store, here are some helpful hints.

    • Trolling For Facebook Attention

      Today, we have Facebook.  Now we can all be the biggest cry babies on the block, and brag the loudest without incident.  In fact, with Facebook we can do these things and receive positive (however phony) attention and pats on the back, and love from mere strangers for sharing.

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