• Your Facebook Account Could Cost You a Job

    The most important thing to realize is that no matter how private Facebook says it is, no matter how many rights to privacy and rights to free speech you are entitled to – the written and recorded word of online interaction can be used against you.

    • Money is Not Evil

      The truth is that money is only as important as you believe it is.  By linking your happiness with money, and believing that one cannot come without the other – you are limiting your life and the possibilities.

    • Returning to Work After Having Children

      One of the biggest problems that parents who have stayed home face about returning to work after having children is the fact that the professional world they are accustomed to has sped light years ahead in the time since they were away.

    • Get Rich Quick Schemes

      One of the allures of America is not only that anyone can get rich and live the American dream, but that it can be done quickly and in some cases,  even overnight.

    • Is TV Ruining Your Life

      Blaming the demise of our youth, the demise of a marriage, and things like obesity on TV viewing is an absurd scapegoat.  It’s like blaming McDonalds for making people fat.  Or blaming Coca Cola Company for diabetes. We need to take some responsibility for our actions.

    • Giving Money to Charities In Lieu of Gifts

      Giving is truly an essential part of humanity. However, doing it in someone else’s honor – especially if that someone doesn’t share the same philanthropist spirit, may not be the greatest gift idea.

    • Hosting a Wine Tasting Party

      To get started, invite anywhere from twelve to sixteen people.  This is a manageable number.  Anything larger than this gets hard to control, as far as who has tasted what wine, their reactions, etc.

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