• Holidays and Seasons

  • History of Mother’s Day

    Anna Jarvis then gave up her job and began working full-time to establish Mother’s Day. She wrote to anyone she thought had influence, including legislators, women’s groups, clergy and businessmen, to try and persuade them to push for a holiday for mothers.

    • St. Patrick’s Day

      For those who have never realized the meaning of St. Patrick’s Day, it is simply a day set aside in the middle of March that it’s perfectly acceptable to drink too much and be boisterously joyous. St. Patrick’s Day is a mildly celebrated in America, some celebrate it ferociously while others pretty much ignore the holiday.

    • Groundhog Day

      February 2nd, the groundhog is supposed to awaken, peek out of his hole for a brief moment, and look about for his shadow. The remaining length of winter is determined by whether or not he sees his shadow.

    • Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

      Even if you asked her what she wanted for Mothers Day, she wouldn’t tell you the truth. She would simply say, “I don’t need a gift.” This is one of the worst lies that women tell. Of course they need a gift and they want YOU to figure it out.

    • What is Palm Sunday

      In Christianity, Palm Sunday is always held the Sunday before Easter. The Christian calendar allows for Easter Sunday to fall on any given Sunday between March 15th and April 18th.

    • Don’t Buy Me a Christmas Present as I Am Not Buying You One

      Every year, around November – the world becomes a buzz with a wave of insincere thoughtfulness.  Suddenly, people who could care less what you want all year through, suddenly want to know what you deepest desires are.

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