• Holidays and Seasons - Christmas, Easter and More

  • Dear Retailers – Stop Making Christmas Come Earlier Every Year

    Since we as the consumers ‘get’ what you are doing by pushing up Christmas each and every year, we would like you to know that we know when Christmas is.  Christmas is December 25th, and all the shopping that any family needs to do can be done in a few weeks if not in just one day.

    • Don’t Buy Christmas On Credit

      One of the things that makes the holiday season so difficult is that there is so much pressure for people to buy.  And face it, you cannot afford to spend tons of money on idle shopping any other time of the year – so what makes you think you can do it at the end of the year?

    • On Top of the Tree

      And so the question remains, does it really matter what you place on the very top of your tree? Only to you. People are bound to notice if you have something particularly crafty or original.

    • What Makes an Easter Egg an Easter Egg?

      Some people attribute the Easter traditions that we celebrate to Paganism and their rites of passage and re-birth in the spring while others remark that it was Mary Magdalene that presented the first Easter egg after Christ’s resurrection, painting it red to symbolize the blood of Christ. Either way, the egg represents life, newness, the ability to break from a living death and become a spirit of wholeness and honor.

    • Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?

      The recognition of Labor Day as a national holiday for the working man came about as a result of a law signed by President Grover Cleveland. Although Cleveland was not a significant labor union supporter himself, he found the legislation enacting Labor Day as a national holiday to be a symbolic remedy for political damage he had suffered earlier that same year.

    • Birthday Traditions

      Birthday traditions vary worldwide and often families develop their own traditions as well. Personalizing traditions, even if it’s as simple as allowing the birthday child to choose their favorite meal for dinner, emphasizes just how special and unique we all are and how very important it is to recognize that we came into the world and are here.

    • Should Teachers Be Able to Cancel or Change Halloween at School

      What do you think? Are schools going too far? Is it really their responsibility to monitor and apply guidelines for what is considered acceptable costumes for Halloween, or are parents fully capable of making these decisions?

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