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  • No Cell Phones at the Dinner Table

    Maybe turning off the cell phones, the computers, the personal devices that serve no more than to disconnect us from the ones we love the most would be the first step in reasserting the importance of family and ensuring that our children don’t forget the importance of family time.

    • Disconnecting from the Digital World

      Chances are you have a device of some sorts. And chances are your life is filled with beeps, and tweets and whistles and bings that keep you jumping. Ring tones that beckon, and choices to be made about whether to finish a conversation or answer a text.

    • Is Facebook Ruining Your Life

      The truth is that most of what people post on Facebook and other social media sites are just snapshots of the HIGHLIGHTS of their lives. They post pictures of their vacations, and their beautiful kids, and their accomplishments and plans.

    • Keylogger Software - Is Your Spouse Spying On You

      A keylogger is a program that runs in the background hidden from the user that can record every keystroke. It stores all this information in a file for later retrieval.

    • Why You Should Encrypt Your Wireless Router

      Unfortunately, for many ordinary computer owners, the complexity of dealing with a wireless network causes them to put the security issue on the back burner.

    • Should You Buy Your Child a Computer

      In today’s public school, it is commonplace for children from the onset of their education, to utilize computers on a daily basis in the classroom.  Technology has made it easier for educators to perform numerous tasks with children and the Power Point has quickly replaced the Poster Board book report in classrooms across the world.

    • Backing Up Your Hard Drive

      Backing up your hard drive is the single most important thing you can do to protect your computer. Surprisingly, only about 10 percent of PC users actually have a good backup procedure in place.

    • The Idiocy Behind Many Facebook Shares and Likes

      It’s important to note that NONE of the posts that say, “One like equals one dollar to such and such cause,” actually donate any money to anyone.  Facebook doesn’t work like that. It’s a scam. A big scam. A scam that so many people are falling for second by second in the world of social media.

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