• Chronic Renal Failure in Dogs

    Chronic renal failure (CRF) can affect a dog of any age, breed or gender. It is actually a normal part of the aging process and the average age that owners begin to notice symptoms is seven.

    • Puppy Proofing a Home

      Stairs are a hazard that we often take for granted. We recognize that small children are susceptible to falling down the stairs, but unsupervised puppies are likely to take a nasty tumble as well.

    • Weaning Kittens

      It is not recommended that you give your kitten, or any cat for that matter, cow’s milk. Cow’s milk does not contain the same nutrients present in a cat’s mother’s milk.

    • Tips for Lighting an Aquarium

      While it is not necessary to keep the light on for extended periods of time, it is important to understand how much light your fish require.

    • Why do Dogs Vomit

      Unproductive vomiting – the dog is retching but nothing is coming up – is an emergency requiring immediate medical attention. The most common cause is Gastric Torsion, a condition where the dog’s stomach has flipped over either 180 or 360 degrees.

    • Cat Vaccines

      Vaccination for FeLV can have side effects, the most serious of which is a vaccine associated sarcoma, or cancerous mass, than can form at the injection site.

    • Helping the Lonely Horse

      An unhappy horse will make for an unhappy owner.  She may become unwilling, mean, or listless.  Making your horse happy will ensure that she is willing to perform the required work for you to the best of her ability.

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