• Dog Food Allergies

    Some dogs suffer from intolerance to certain foods, and some owners mistake this as being a food allergy.  There is a difference between being intolerant to a certain food and being allergic to it.

    • When Do Kittens Start Walking

      The most important factors relating to when do kittens start walking usually revolve around their development timing. If your entire litter is walking by four weeks of age, this is a sign that they are all healthy and thriving.

    • Do Dogs Dream

      It is not uncommon to hear a dog whining and squeaking while they are sound asleep. Often their adorable vocal sounds are accompanied by paw twitching and tail flicking. It can be amusing to watch and often people are convinced they are dreaming.

    • Cat Nutrition

      Canned foods also contain high amounts of water, which cats are meant to ingest with their meals.  Most wild prey contains 75% water, making canned foods much more natural to the cat.

    • The Future of Dog Food

      Nothing says unique like your dog! He is not like any other dog on the block or in the city so why should he eat a kibble that every other dog on the planet eats? Custom dog food allows pet owners to choose exactly what goes into the food they are feeding their four-legged family member.

    • Guide to Buying an Aquarium

      While aquarium keeping is considered to be an enjoyable hobby by many, it is always best to purchase the largest tank you can afford when you first begin.

    • Teaching a Horse to Stand

      A horse should learn to stand right after it learns to lead.  As a youngster, this command should be implanted in his brain and carried on through life.  After walking forward with your horse, stop and say the word “whoa”, simultaneously giving a jerk of your rope.

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