• Should Dogs Eat Bones?

    Should Dogs Eat Bones is a question on many pet owners minds, however with an increasing number of dog bone incidents, many veterinarians deem bone chomping a danger to dogs.

    • How Long Do Cats Live

      The oldest cat in recent American history was a whopping 28 years old. There have been a few cats in Australia and New Zealand to come in close to this record, living to be 25 or 26, but as of this moment, 28 seems to be the jackpot number.

    • Putting your Dog to Sleep

      Many veterinarians prefer to administer a premedication (usually analgesic drugs such as opioids) and/or a normal anesthesia prior to administering the lethal injection. This in order to minimize any possible pain, stress and anxiety that the dog might feel before losing his consciousness.

    • Plants that are Toxic to Cats

      Check out this list of plants that are toxic to cats to ensure your favorite feline does not get sick from nibbling on your greenery

    • Dominant Behavior in Dogs

      Dominant behavior isn’t necessarily a “bad” thing, but it is something that must be managed before it gets out of control.  First, it is important to understand that there is a huge difference between a dominant dog and an aggressive dog.

    • Understanding Live Plants and your Aquarium

      While artificial plants are certainly plentiful there are numerous advantages to adding live plants to your aquarium. Perhaps the biggest advantage to adding live plants comes from the supply of oxygen.

    • Selling a Horse

      Marketing your horse will primarily depend on its breed, value, and discipline.  The first person to consult when contemplating selling your animal is your trainer or riding lesson instructor.

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