• 100 Bits of Cat Facts, Trivia and Fun

    Locate 100 bits of interesting cat trivia and facts from around the world. Everything from the fattest cat to folklore.

    • How Should I Cut my Dog's Nails

      Never use human nail trimmers on any size of dog- they are not strong enough for the job, and instead of cutting the nail they will crush it, causing pain and instantly creating a bad experience for you and your dog.

    • How Long Do Cats Live

      The oldest cat in recent American history was a whopping 28 years old. There have been a few cats in Australia and New Zealand to come in close to this record, living to be 25 or 26, but as of this moment, 28 seems to be the jackpot number.

    • Curing Dog Diarrhea

      Curing dog diarrhea is not usually complicated. Watch your dog carefully and act quickly when there is a problem. Doing so will help keep your pet healthy and happy.

    • Hairballs and Cats

      The best way to treat hairballs in cats is by prevention. Brushing your cat is the single most effective way you can prevent their formation. Although hairballs present more of a reoccurring problem in long hair cats, both long and shorthair cats can develop them.

    • Guide to Buying an Aquarium

      While aquarium keeping is considered to be an enjoyable hobby by many, it is always best to purchase the largest tank you can afford when you first begin.

    • Horses that Buck

      Horses buck for a variety of reasons.  A horse that has been confined for a long period of time, or even one that just has excess energy will buck to relieve tension, boredom, and stress.

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