• Cats - Training, Feeding & Kittens

  • Feeding Cats table Scraps

    Is it a good thing or a bad thing to feed cats table scraps? I guess it depends on who you ask and whether you are considering their health or their behavior. The most basic and complete answer is no, it’s not a good thing.

    • Buying a Purebred Cat

      Buying a purebred cat means bringing home a little mewling bundle that you can take an educated stab at their impending personality.

    • Wet or Dry Cat Food

      So how does this help you solve the debate between serving your kitty wet or dry cat food? We have to look a little deeper into the natural behaviors and dietary needs of the feline companions to answer that.

    • What’s Involved in Grooming a Cat

      Your cat’s health is another important reason to comb and brush its coat. As you brush away the loose dirt, dead skin, dust and excess fur and remove it with the brush, fewer hairs are left to cause hairballs for your cat.

    • What Causes Diabetes in Cats

      For many years, veterinarians have known that obesity in cats seemed to make the obese patient more likely to get diabetes. In fact, most of us thought that overweight actually caused diabetes. Today, I do not believe excess pounds in a cat are a cause of this condition.

    • How to get your Cat to Love that New Kitten you've just Brought Home

      Introducing any pet into a household with an established routine can be upsetting – and not just for the newcomer, but also those pets who are already well-established in their current domestic habitat.

    • Types of Cat Litter

      With  clumping litter you do not need to change the entire pan of litter every time you clean the box. Instead, you simply scoop out the waste and add a bit more litter to the box. You should, however, completely swap out the litter according to the frequency specified on the package.

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