• Cats - Training, Feeding & Kittens

  • Cat Toys

    Cat owners who love their pets can save a lot of money and time shopping by realizing that the best tool for effective playtime is human interaction.

    • Home Remedies for Treating Hairballs

      Brushing is the best way to help prevent your cat from developing hairballs. Remember that hairballs are formed by hairs that are swallowed while your cat is grooming herself.

    • Reasons to Purchase Pet Insurance for a Cat

      The most honest and urgent reasons to purchase pet insurance for a cat is the simple fact that we love them, and we want them on this earth with us for as long as humanly possible. It really is that simple.

    • What You Need to Know About Adopting a Kitten

      Perhaps one of the things that take people by surprise the most is how much a kitten actually costs. Just like a car, it’s not the getting of it, but the upkeep. As well as having the basics covered – food, litter, dishes, toys, etc – you also need to take into account the ongoing cost of caring for a kitten as it grows up.

    • How do you Care for Orphaned Kittens

      Caring for orphaned kittens is more complicated than just giving them a bottle a couple times a day. If kittens aren’t taken care of when they are newborn they are unable to eliminate waste products properly and can die, even if you are feeding them well.

    • Scratching Posts

      Here is some information to help you better understand why cats scratch, and the different humane measures that can be taken to correct this behavior, such as scratching posts placed strategically in your home.

    • Environmentally Friendly Cat Litter

      When changing from another type of litter to environmentally friendly cat litter, it is important to transition the right way. You do not want to make the transition very sudden. If you do, there is less of a chance that your cat will respond well to the change.

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