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  • How to Confront a Neighbor about Their Barking Dog

    There are laws and related regulations that require dog owners to keep their barking dogs, or rather their dogs’ barking, under control. These generally relate to “nuisance” in the form of noise.

    • How to Remove Tear Stains from a Dogs Eyes

      Dogs with a normal eye similar to what you see in their wild cousins tend to tear less and without the typical build up of stains. Brachiocephalic breeds (breeds with a shortened muzzle and protuberant eyes), however, tend to ‘tear’ more then breeds without this genetic trait.

    • Dog has Blood in its Urine

      A first differentiation must be made between hematuria of urinary tract origin (kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra) and hematuria from genital tract contamination (prostate, prepuce, vagina).

    • Digestive Problems in Dogs

      Some of the causes of digestive problems cannot be avoided regardless of how diligent a pet owner is about keeping her dog safe. Diseases will strike, and when that happens all you can do is follow the vet’s advice to help to nurse your dog back to health.

    • Selecting a Puppy

      Many make a selection of a puppy solely on looks or on the current hot fad.  But selecting a dog without taking into consideration its needs compared to your lifestyle is unfair to both you and your new best friend.

    • How to Discipline a Dog

      You come home from a long day at work only to find that Fido has turned your new pair of Prada heels into confetti. Immediately your body stiffens as you gently pick up one of the damaged shoes to inspect the carnage. Definitely not salvageable.

    • How to Stop a Dog from Licking Itself

      The initial treatment is the same but dogs lick themselves for a number of reasons and depending on what is making them lick will determine how you address the problem.

  • Guest Article

    Paul Owens
    Paul Owens

    Paul Owens is the author of The Dog Whisperer, A Compassionate Nonviolent Approach to Dog Training which has sold over 250,000 copies all over the world.

    Article: How do Dogs Learn

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