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  • How to Stop Your Dog from Licking People

    Dogs who lick people constantly is a hard habit to break, and involves time and patience.   Owners will need to modify this behavior through training.

    • Dog Food Allergies

      Some dogs suffer from intolerance to certain foods, and some owners mistake this as being a food allergy.  There is a difference between being intolerant to a certain food and being allergic to it.

    • Citronella Dog Collars

      There are four types of citronella collars on the market today, which can be of assistance in canine behavior modification.  The citronella spray dog bark collar is used to control the vicious cycle of dark barking.

    • Selecting Dog Shampoo

      When selecting a dog shampoo, try to avoid shampoos that are too heavy on the perfume. This will not only encourage your dog to try to roll the scent off his body, but it often leaves him oily in an unnatural way.

    • Choosing a Veterinarian

      Once you have determined your basic guidelines for choosing a veterinarian it’s time to hit the phones. Hopefully you start your search for a vet before you bring home a new dog.

    • Stopping a Puppy From Barking

      Barking is as natural to puppies as breathing. It’s how they communicate, show fear, seek attention, play and warn us of an unexpected visitor or intruder.

    • What is the Best Age to Spay or Neuter a Dog

      Ideally, your dog should be altered before the first heat cycle.  This normally occurs between five and six months of age.  While each dog is different, a general estimate is that most dogs should be altered somewhere between four and six months of age.

    • Digging

      Your dog needs to be mentally challenged daily and if he is not given one, then be assured that he will create one. Your dog may dig to seek entertainment, attention, comfort, escape, prey, or protection.

  • Guest Article

    Paul Owens
    Paul Owens

    Paul Owens is the author of The Dog Whisperer, A Compassionate Nonviolent Approach to Dog Training which has sold over 250,000 copies all over the world.

    Article: How do Dogs Learn

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