• Feeding Dogs

  • Dry Dog Food vs. Canned

    What matters most, ending the dry dog food vs. canned debate, is that the food we feed our pups is as healthy as possible. Those who receive only canned dog food should have other ample opportunities to crunch on things, to clean their teeth and to satisfy their need for a hearty chew.

    • Letting Your Dog Lick off the Dishes

      You have a dog.  And a plate full of leftovers.  The simple solution of course is to put the plate down on the floor and let your dog clean it off for you?  Most dogs will lick a dish so clean that it looks like it came straight from the dishwasher, right?

    • Facts about Feeding Dogs

      With so many dog food brands on the market today along with the controversy over a growing number of food allergies and food related conditions, the decision on what to feed your dog has become more then a challenge – its become a nightmare!

    • Dog Food Recalls

      The March 2007 pet food recall turned both the pet food industry, and pet owners, upside down. Overnight pet food manufacturers were forced to try to convince owners that their food was safe as pet owners began cooking homemade food for their four-legged family members in an attempt to keep them healthy.

    • Feeding a Dog

      Undecided? Try a combination of the above – kibble mixed with a homemade ‘stew’, whether it is raw or cooked, blend nicely together to provide both balanced nutrition and whole real foods. For many, it’s the best of all worlds and guarantees a well-rounded canine!

    • Switching Dog Food Brands

      No one enjoys an upset stomach including your pooch and nothing is worse then being woken up a dozen times through the night because you rushed the process of switching dog food brands!

    • Symptoms of Dog Food Allergies

      Unfortunately, there is no one-stop test or trial to diagnose and treat food allergies in dogs.  The best way to diagnose a food allergy is through a food trial, where many of the most common allergens are eliminated from the pets diet.

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