• Feeding Dogs

  • Preservatives in Dog Food

    Are preservatives in dog food the evil culprit behind the long list of medical issues our four-legged family members now face? Food allergies, environmental allergies, kidney disease, immunodeficiency, and cancer are all on the rise and many dogs owners do not blame the actual food as much as they blame the preservatives in the dog food but are they right?

    • Letting Your Dog Lick off the Dishes

      You have a dog.  And a plate full of leftovers.  The simple solution of course is to put the plate down on the floor and let your dog clean it off for you?  Most dogs will lick a dish so clean that it looks like it came straight from the dishwasher, right?

    • Does Your Dog Refuse to Eat When you are Away

      Some dogs are very attached to their owner, and they become stressed when their beloved master is away. This anxiety can cause them to go off their food. If your dog does this, it can take the shine off your trip away because you’re worried about your canine best friend.

    • What Human Foods Can Dogs Have

      Most people are aware that they shouldn't feed their dogs certain foods such as onions, chocolate, raisins, and grapes. But people are often curious about what it's safe to feed their dogs. What human foods can dogs have?

    • Types of Dog Treats

      false false There are so many fun things about being a pet owner. Having someone to walk or run with, having a couch buddy and even spoiling your pet are all part of the charm of owning a dog. Giving a dog treats is a way to help in training as well as a way just to spoil your dog. It is no

    • Can Dogs Eat Cat Food

      The long term effects of dogs eating cat food is not really known as studies have not specifically been performed to determine the outcome. However, a high protein diet has been shown to lower kidney function dogs and to cause growth problems in puppies.

    • Puppy Kibble

      Small-medium size breed puppies reach adulthood relatively early. Therefore it is very important to pay attention not to overfeed them, in order to avoid the development of obesity during later life phases.

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