Worlds Most Pet Friendly House

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We’re inviting suppliers of pet, home and family life products and services to join us in a unique project. To be part of the worlds most pet friendly house. We are providing the channel through which you can introduce and showcase your product or service, explain its features, and how people can benefit.

This is going to be a true pet-friendly house. Individuals and companies who work with us will have the chance to promote their products and services and at the same time establish brand recognition and market position. With 60% of all homes owning pets, more than half of any companies clients have a dog, cat bird or fish.

Pets, being the universal creatures that they are, live with people who come from all walks of life; they are owned by the financially challenged and the extremely wealthy, from Prime Ministers and Presidents to royalty around the world.

This fact was the sole motivation for us to create this site.

This site promotes the idea that our lives revolve around our families, our homes, our pets.

By building the world’s most pet-friendly house, we hope to:

  • promote family life and pet ownership
  • become a unique site that will encourage interaction and innovation globally
  • bring together families, pet lovers, manufacturers and suppliers of home, pet and non-pet products, thinkers and decision-makers: we’d like them to participate actively in this exciting project
  • build a wealthy knowledge base about life, home, relationships, children, pets, food, home maintenance, art, tourism, environmental issues, the green movement and about all other issues of interest.
  • unite individuals and groups who will help build our pet-friendly house by offering suggestions and participating in the creation of architectural models and blueprints.

AnInteractive House

Our goal is to make the world’s most pet-friendly house the sum of all interactive and virtual efforts. Your efforts. Your children’s efforts. What do we mean?

Companies, pet lovers and everyday people will get to participate in building this house. For example...

  • we will post drawings and blueprints online and people can cast their vote. visitors to our site can also comment and tell us what can be improved;
  • each time we bring in a new pet into the home, you and your children can log in and help give it a name.
  • pet rooms – help furnish them. The dog’s room for example will be built as though the dog designed it and will have everything it needs: bottled water, hypo-allergenic clothing, pillows and sheets, collars, toys, treats, picture frames, and whatever else you think it needs. The same goes for the rooms of the cat and rabbit...
  • let’s not forget the fish! The house will have two 500-gallon aquariums. It will be a showcase for Asian, African, South and North American tropical fish. We’ll need names and information on each of the species, what to feed them, what products out there can make them the healthiest fish in the planet...
  • people can also suggest new and exciting pet and non-pet products, including products and services that this home might need now and in the future...

Remember: the world’s most pet-friendly house isn’t just about pets. It’s about life and everything...

So come help and build it. Submit your ideas! We are confident that once we start building it, we’ll capture the world’s attention and stir everyone’s matter where they live. Talk about a stimulating, exciting and activity-filled global project!

Creative & Unique

You know what they say about pets. They unite families and provide warmth in a home. They are our “natural heating.” They tighten emotional bonds between family members and between man and animal. This is why our pets deserve a home and lifestyle that are supported by products and
services from the right suppliers.

Pet-House Potential
Homeowners and pet owners often face the problem of pets destroying things at home. They put pressure on our hardwood floors, scratch the fabric off our couches, wreck havoc in our gardens, topple things over, scare babies, and bark incessantly, annoying our neighbours.

This is where the real potential from this project kicks in. People who sell products and services can actually recommend their products – we welcome contributions from experts and sellers of fixtures and components for gardens, living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and pet rooms. By welcoming new and innovative products and services, we turn our pet-friendly house into a safe, foolproof and sturdy dwelling!

Our pet-friendly house embraces everyone who cares about the simple joys of living and loving. It encompasses everything from the “bare bones” infrastructure to the vital signs of life. This creativity needs to stretch, like an elastic band, from the roof down to the basement.

It has to rope in the walls, the cupboards, the grandfather clock, the plasma TV, the kitchenware and the wireless network. But these physical elements have to be combined into harmony. Who will give us that harmony and stability?


Do you now see what we mean by passionate and exciting ideas? There is no limit to human creativity when it comes to our animals, large and small. We house them, feed them, amuse them, train them, exercise them and do whatever we can to make them healthy creatures.

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