Gifts for the Man that Has Everything

During times of gift giving, men often receive the raw end of the deal. They receive the standard gifts of tools, golf equipment, ties, and hideous sweaters. The longer you have known the man, the worse the gifts get. From useless things to set on their desk at the office to aftershave and stale cologne, there seems to be a limited amount of things that men are gifted. Then of course, there are those men in your life that buy everything they want, leaving a very small window of opportunity for anyone else to actually bestow a gift that will be a big hit. Sure, it’s the thought that counts. But buying gifts for the man that has everything shouldn’t have to be so difficult. There has to be something he wants or doesn’t have.

One of the first places to start looking are the specialty and eclectic catalogs that you can see online or on paper. Some really good ones, that will have plenty of specialty and personalizable gifts, are Catalog Favorites, Collections Etc. and The latter browses some of the most unique gift ideas from dozens of distributors. If the man on your list has an interest in wine, a bar, a sports team, or anything else under the sun – you are sure to find something for them at one of these places. You can also check out Personal Creations for some more ideas and an easy way to shop by age, gender etc. When you ship this way (not really knowing exactly what you are looking for) try to pay attention to your feelings and thoughts as you browse. When you come across something, even if it’s silly or inexpensive, that seems to resonate with the man in your life then just go for it. Often, people tend to over think their gift choices and may end up rushing around just to get a gift, any gift just in the nick of time.

Another great place to start for the guy who has everything is They have plenty of suggestions and you can shop by age and relationship. This makes it easy for you to shop for your dad, boyfriend or even a brother or brother in law. Plus, they offer personalization and they have some cool gift ideas. If your husband loves to cook – what could be cooler than a personalized knife set? If he enjoys golf, then you should check out some of the gadgets (that you can personalize) they have that even your man may not know exists.

Another no fail option, especially if the man you are shopping for is your romantic interest is to purchase lingerie. No not for him to wear, but for you! This is pretty much a no fail gift that will delight even the pickiest of men. Add a little movie to go along with it and set the scene in your home and chances are you will have created a gift that is absolutely unique and that he is completely crazy about! Whether you have a closet full of lingerie or not – purchasing something just for him that is tailored to his individual tastes and interests (even if YOU don’t like it) is a huge gesture. Plus, it is not something that he can be given by someone else so you know it’s an original. And look, women tend to feel uncomfortable are self-conscious. The truth is men love you and find you sexy just the way you are. Add some new lingerie and you are a super model in their eyes.

Obviously, cost is a factor in shopping for the man who has everything. If he loves art – then trying to find him a reprint of one of his favorite artists, then framing it is much cheaper than an original piece and will be just as appreciated. Essentially, if you know what the men in your life are interested in, you can find a gift. For instance, if he is a motorcycle enthusiast and you have heard him talk about getting some new handlebars etc…take a picture of the bike down to your nearest chopper shop and talk to the fellows in there. Chances are they will know what he wants and needs to feel great about riding his bike through town.

If your man loves to read everything he can get his hands on – then what about a Kindle. This way he can download all the crosswords he wants, newspapers from all four corners of the world as well as millions of books. This is also a great gift for a man that travels a lot, as it is a perfect companion on a plane or in a bus. These products are steadily going down in price as well. If the man in your life is a music enthusiast and has hundreds of CD’s or loves, loves, loves sports – think about satellite radio. He can tune in to all his favorite songs, bands, eras, never miss a game regardless of what coast it is being played on and has access to all the manly talk shows he can handle.

Really, the possibilities are endless. It is suggested to use sites like eBay to find some really interesting and unique gifts that match his interests. You never know when you type in Elvis Memorabilia just what might come up, so spend some time there before you choose. (It may be more a matter of narrowing things down than finding one thing). Luckily, the internet has made gift getting for the man who has everything much easier. However, if you are still stranded for ideas and don’t like anything you see online or otherwise, think about getting him a star or a whale. Yep! You can do both. In fact, there are plenty of charitable organizations that allow regular old people like you to purchase stars, whales, or even dolphins and the donation allows conservation groups to do research. How cool would it be to have your own star? They get a map of their star and are able to register it officially. The whales and dolphins that people can purchase have special tracking devices on them that allow you to follow them all around the oceans. Certainly, those are unique gift ideas that the man in your life who has everything, won’t have!

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