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  • Arguing About Money

    The list of psychological reasons that so many couples argue about money are as deep and wide as the Grand Canyon itself. Marriage counselors spend lots of time shrinking couples over their handling and feelings about money usually indicating that it is the root source of all upheaval in a marriage.

    • How A Baby Changes Marriage

      One of the negative ways a baby affects marriage is the amount of time and energy she requires from her parents. A parent who cares for this demanding human day and night may have little left to offer his or her spouse.

    • Is It Unfair to Change Your Mind about Wanting Children

      So, is it fair for the person you married to change their mind about wanting kids, even if they originally promised you that they didn’t? This can be a very difficult question to answer as many factors can come into play.

    • Dealing with the In-laws

      Dealing with your in-laws is twice as difficult as dealing with your own family. The snide remarks, the gossip, and the bickering are at their most intense when the in-laws come to visit.

    • Should You Call Your Spouses Parents Mom and Dad

      Family politics can be very tricky! Honoring your in-laws as the people who lovingly raised your spouse can not only endear them to you, but also make your spouse grateful that you revere his or her parents enough to do as they’ve asked.

    • You Can't Do Anything Right

      If one partner is aggressive and the other passive, the passive partner may feel frightened, bullied and abused.  Each partner will use what he or she has learned to balance the conflict and power.

    • We Never Fight! But we Never Talk!

      Relationships where both partners are fearful of really talking and listening to each other, struggle to grow and change.   Even though on the surface it appears all is OK, underneath there are often many untrue assumptions on which your relationship is based.

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    Bob Buchicchio
    Robert Buchicchio

    Robert Buchicchio (MSW, LICSW, DCSW has a BA in psychology from University of Rhode Island and an MSW from Ohio State University.

    Article: We Never Fight! But we Never Talk!

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