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  • Arguing About Money

    The list of psychological reasons that so many couples argue about money are as deep and wide as the Grand Canyon itself. Marriage counselors spend lots of time shrinking couples over their handling and feelings about money usually indicating that it is the root source of all upheaval in a marriage.

    • You Can't Do Anything Right

      If one partner is aggressive and the other passive, the passive partner may feel frightened, bullied and abused.  Each partner will use what he or she has learned to balance the conflict and power.

    • We Never Fight! But we Never Talk!

      Relationships where both partners are fearful of really talking and listening to each other, struggle to grow and change.   Even though on the surface it appears all is OK, underneath there are often many untrue assumptions on which your relationship is based.

    • Is Your Marriage in a War Zone - Your style of Fighting will Tell You

      John and Sue each held the remote that could trigger each other’s anger in a heartbeat.   Their fights were sometimes about serious issues like parenting their children or how to budget their money, but more often were about small stuff.

    • 6 Reasons Buying Your Wife Lingerie Is a GOOD Idea

      A long time ago, there was another woman who existed in the same body that your wife is now living in.  This woman was not afraid to sport sexy lingerie and always seemed to know just the right way to let enough lace show to drive you wild.

    • Infidelity

      If you’re looking to repair a marriage after infidelity, you’ll have to start with diagnosing the problems. If you hurt your leg, you’d have to diagnose the injury before you knew how to repair it, right? In the same way, you have to find the pain that resulted when infidelity occurred.

    • Making Date Nights a Routine in Your Marriage

      What starts out as the innocent travels to being the best parent possible, often ends up with couples neglecting and ignoring the things that they need to stay in a healthy and positive relationship.

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  • Guest Article

    Bob Buchicchio
    Robert Buchicchio

    Robert Buchicchio (MSW, LICSW, DCSW has a BA in psychology from University of Rhode Island and an MSW from Ohio State University.

    Article: We Never Fight! But we Never Talk!

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