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  • Are Married People Truly Happy

    The American Psychological Association study on levels of happiness indicates that married people are in fact happier than their single counterparts are.  For most people, happiness is measured by a number of factors.

    • In-house Separations - Better for Children and Finances!

      For an in-house separation to work, you must be able to at least stand seeing and being in the presence of your partner. You must also agree that you can act civilly around each other, as you must continue to take care of family responsibilities.

    • Competing with Your Children for Wife’s Attention

      Many men feel childish trying to tell their wife that they feel they are being ignored.  So instead, they simply cage up the feelings and let them fester for several years.  Plus, many moms become extremely defensive about their interactions with the children and forget that before they had kids – they were a couple first.

    • Married Sex! What is “Normal?”

      What resonates true with a great deal of married folks is that the sex life isn’t quite what they expected.  Today, one in five marriages is completely sexless and one of the leading complaints of couples headed to divorce is a mismatched level of sexual desire.

    • That’s My Side of the Bed

      In most couples, this decision is made by chance.  You start out sleeping in one place – and then typically stay there forever and ever.  It is rare that couples switch sides of the room or bed.

    • Tell Me Again Why we Got Married

      The dream always starts out the same. The house, the jobs, the children. Plenty of money and nothing really pressing like past due laundry, homework or a yard to take care of. Life is grand.

    • The Importance of Saying I Love You

      Never underestimate the importance of saying, “I love you.”  With a deep breath and a leap of faith, close your eyes, whisper the words and you can be sure when you open them again your life will have changed for the better.

    • The Benefits of Marriage

      The benefits of marriage present themselves so strongly to some men or women that the alternative seems ridiculous. After all, how else can you get a tax break, enjoy health and dental and vision, and be received better by society as a whole by legally living with someone.

    • The Importance of Girls Night Out

      The importance of girl’s night out goes beyond having fun. In fact, it is about not having to hide about being able to relax, be you and be accepted for just that. It is about not having anyone ask you anything, require assistance or touch you.

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    Bob Buchicchio
    Robert Buchicchio

    Robert Buchicchio (MSW, LICSW, DCSW has a BA in psychology from University of Rhode Island and an MSW from Ohio State University.

    Article: We Never Fight! But we Never Talk!

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