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  • Are you Too Overbearing in your Relationship

    Too often having an overbearing spouse means that they’re getting their needs and wants met at the expense of the other partner. This is no good in a relationship where both spouses are supposed to be getting their needs and wants met by the other equally.

    • How Important is Love in a Marriage

      For most of us, love and marriage go hand in hand.  At least in the beginning of the relationship.  After all, it is love that gently sways us to the alter to say our 'I do’s' till death do us part.

    • The More I do, The Less He does

      Bottom line is you, just like I – should have listened to our mothers when they told us not to do any chore around the house that we didn’t want to for the rest of our lives.  So now, the only solution – the only way out is to stop doing all of it.

    • Why You Should Buy Your Wife Flowers

      To make her feel special.  Women want to feel special in your life.  They want to know that they are your #1, and that you still think of them when the two of you are not together.  Purchasing flowers, or even picking her some roadside daisies shows her without a doubt that during your day, you took the time to think about her.

    • Periodically Cranky Wife

      Is the monthly period a time to suck it up and put a smile on your face. Be pleasant and charming despite the fact that you feel like snapping your husband’s head off every time he dares to speak to you.

    • Happiness in Marriage

      Happiness in a marriage can be the easiest thing to find in a world where everything seems to come with strings and the simplest way to add years to your life and joy to your heart!

    • Taken for Granted

      Being taken for granted is a tricky subject. On one hand, you may genuinely feel that you aren’t getting the praise or attention that you deserve. Then you feel ignored or hurt. But on the other hand, life has taught you that in order to be worthy, lovable or secure – you have had to have praise.

    • Don’t Tell me To Relax

      What is it about couples?  They get into a heated argument ready to literally gauge each other’s eyes out and one partner says, “Oh just relax already.  It’s not the end of the world!”  And suddenly the argument went from manageable to unmanageable and you are questioning why you married such an idiot in the first place.

    • How A Baby Changes Marriage

      One of the negative ways a baby affects marriage is the amount of time and energy she requires from her parents. A parent who cares for this demanding human day and night may have little left to offer his or her spouse.

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    Bob Buchicchio
    Robert Buchicchio

    Robert Buchicchio (MSW, LICSW, DCSW has a BA in psychology from University of Rhode Island and an MSW from Ohio State University.

    Article: We Never Fight! But we Never Talk!

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