Green Card Marriage – Marrying for Citizenship

A green card marriage is generally a scam or a farce concocted by an individual who can not obtain a legal visa and wishes to stay in the United States for an indefinite amount of time. They are illegal and carry stiff penalties for those who participate in them. However, green card marriages can also be obtained through online wife seeking. While it is true that women can obtain a husband in this manner, nearly 98% of online partner shopping is done by males seeking women than women seeking males.

The first type of green card marriage typically happens either between two friends or between a person of limited financial means and an immigrant with enough cash flow to solve a financial problem. Friends will marry with the intention of keeping the immigrant in the country while money based marriages are those which are basically business transactions.

Shopping overseas for a partner is costly, often upwards of ten thousand dollars, and it is typically done by men who can’t find a woman who either meets their standards or is simply tired of the dating game and would just like to settle down. Marriages such as these begin usually with online introductions, and anywhere from minimal interaction to ample interaction before a decision to marry is made. Then the applications for visa are placed, and the American leaves for overseas and picks up his new wife, with or without their children.

Green card marriages are based on the principle that anyone granted a residential visa for the United States based on a marriage must stay in the marriage for only three years. Some choose to stay in it longer, others become trapped in it, but many leave their spouses after they are legally permitted in the country without being married any longer. Those who marry based on friendships are usually the most successful at waiting a three year period before getting an amicable divorce and remaining friends for a long period of time afterward.

Most of us have seen the movies where the INS shows up at the residence and places surveillance on the couple to prove that the marriage is not a sham. The only time these images are based in anything close to reality is when the marriage is believed to be a front for a terrorist cell. For most people, the INS may visit the home, look around, and ask some questions, and naturally they must be convinced that the marriage is based on a real intimacy for each other, but the general grilling and staking out of the couple’’s home rarely ever happens.

It can take as long as 4 to 4.5 years to receive a green card for those who marry a permanent U.S. citizen, despite the three year mandatory law regarding marriages. The United States issues only 114,200 green cards annually for those who have married a U.S. citizen and their underage children. This can be for any type of green card marriage, between friends, a business arrangement, or post mate shopping online.

Green card marriages generally are not acceptable for anyone who illegally entered the United States. That means that it is likely that deportation will occur for a Mexican who snuck across the border despite even a legitimate marriage. Green card marriages basically only work for those who have been inspected by a U.S. Immigration Official upon entering the country and arrived with at least some type of visa. This is really altering status rather than ‘“getting in under the wire.’”

Many green card marriages do not become the happy white fairy tale that many expect. In fact often, while awaiting a visa, the immigrant is not granted permission to remain in the United States. Some couples have remained apart anywhere from 3 to 10 years waiting for a blissful reunion. Obviously, this policy helps to dissuade people from attempting to marry simply to remain in the United States. While the policy doesn’’t prevent green card marriages altogether, it has helped to dissuade marriage as a method of remaining legally in the United States.

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