Camouflage Wedding Gowns – A Country Affair

Something old . . .Something new . . .Something borrowed. . .Something blue.

Even in today’s modern world tradition runs deep in Dixie. Down here we still know our neighbors. We still live off the land. We are still best friends with that freckle faced kid from first grade. We still kiss our grandmothers and hold doors for ladies. But most importantly . . . we still fall in love and when we do . . . we love for a lifetime.

In a world that is fast paced with no sign of stopping this is a rare and beautiful thing. This is where fiftieth anniversaries aren’’t a news story they are an everyday simple wonder. This is where kisses on the front porch are shared with silver hair. This is where fireflies dance and old dogs run free. This is the south . . . and this is where family begins.

If you are about to begin your love story and you have chosen a quaint little church in the mountains of North Georgia or the foothills of your own backyard in beautiful Tennessee, then you already know that there just isn’’t any gathering like a country affair.

From the roses to the ‘“I do’’s‘” though we might be simple people . . . we never do anything simply. We like to say we are plain . . . and maybe that’’s true but when it comes down to it, we can take your breath away with our charm, our accent and our roots.

If you are ready to say those two words and take the plunge, first of all we want to wish you the best of luck. Secondly we ask that you read on to find some wonderfully wedding-worthy tips that are as southern as they are chic and unique . . .

Camouflage Wedding Gowns

If you are sassy southern belle but more of a tomboy at heart . . . camouflage wedding gowns are a great way to surprise the crowd and give them a better glimpse of who you really are. If you are all jeans and Mossy Oak tees . . . you might just feel completely out of place on your special day in regular garb. And no one should have to feel less than themselves on their special day.

Many women also choose these gowns as a tribute to their spouses who spend much of their time in the woods hunting or fishing. If the latter is your reason for finding something camouflage to sport on your wedding day, there are many more simplistic ways to incorporate the look into your wedding day attire without going overboard. From simple hem trims to hidden camo petticoats and garters, there are always items to suit your needs if you are a simple girl who feels that less is more.

Old World Locations

When you plan your wedding in Dixie you have the great advantage of all the wonderful history of the south. Many historical sites, beautiful plantation homes, restored churches and governor mansions are available to rent. Best of all, they are offered at some very competitive prices.

In addition, the beautiful landscapes of the country offer the perfect setting for any spring and summer event. If you know someone with a hefty amount of land, consider asking them to host your event. It is a good idea to offer a price for using the land and promise to leave it just as found. This is often what keeps people from renting out their space for events the fear of the cleanup of unruly and inconsiderate guests.

Country Fairytale Additions

If camouflage wedding gowns are a bit much for you, there are other fairytale-worthy additions that are plentiful in the south. Almost everyone knows someone with farmland or farm animals. Horse drawn carriages are a big hit and look beautiful strung with the flower of the season.

Harvest wedding are another great idea. With the many orchards in the region, black and white photos look fabulous alongside wooden buckets of apples and peach trees in the distance. Lots of orchards have already caught on that subletting their space for weddings is a great way to make some extra cash but if the one in your area doesn’’t, it won’’t hurt to ask.

Local cabin resorts often have their own weddings right on site as well. Some packages start as low as 200 dollars or under, depending on the resort. What we love best about these packages is that it is leaves little to stress over but the fun stuff. They take care of the place, the honeymoon and the preacher . . . all you do is what you want to do and show up of course!

From camouflage wedding gowns that stop them in their tracks (pun intended) to beautifully decked out horse drawn carriages . . . when it comes to weddings no one does it better than the south.’

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