Romantic Ideas for Renewing Wedding Vows

People have different reasons for renewing wedding vows. For many, renewing vows is something they do to commemorate an anniversary, while others do it simply for the sake of romance and some even do it to commemorate a less likely milestone like reconciliation after troubled times in the marriage. Regardless of someone’s reasons for saying ‘‘I do’’ all over again, one thing is for sure and that is that this is a very romantic time for a couple.

When you get married the first time the ceremony and reception are often about impressing others and doing it up big, but with vows renewal, you can play by your own set of rules! By re-pledging your commitment to one another you can make the occasion as big or as small as you like. And even better; being older and wiser means being able to some of the things that you wish you had the first time around. And better still, you’’re old enough to go all out without having to cater to the whims of parents. So if an Elvis impersonator as your officiate is what you want, then that is what you can have!

For those who aren’’t interested in something quite that avant-garde there are plenty of other options to make your special day even more, well, special. Have a look at some of these wonderful ideas for renewing wedding vows that are sure to please you and your guests.

Five Great Ideas for Renewing Your Vows

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Choosing to do this in a place from your past as a couple is a great way to celebrate the special occasion in a very romantic and sentimental way. It can be anything from the place you first met to the locale of your first wedding. These days, finding an someone to officiate is as simple as looking in the local telephone directory or online and most are willing to go to the location of your choice. So, if the local donut shop is where you first met, as long as the owners say its fine then there’’s no reason why you can’’t do it there! The world is your oyster so feel free to let nostalgia take you where you wish!

Destination Weddings for All: You don’’t need to be a first time bride and groom to enjoy a destination wedding. As a matter of fact most resorts offer packages specifically for those who are renewing their marriage vows. Whether it’’s a small and romantic affair a deux or a party opportunity to for family and friends; a destination wedding can be everything you want AND a margarita!

Home Sweet Home:
Celebrating at home is a cost-effective option for renewing your vows that can still prove romantic. Remember; romance is what you make it! A backyard ceremony with friends and family, or a small intimate dinner party with immediate family only will feel cozy and comfortable in your own home. And you can dress it up or down easily with simple decorations and accessories.

Pick a Theme: If you’’re looking for something unique when renewing your vows then consider making it a theme event. It can be anything from an old movies theme to even a Christmas in July theme! Some other popular options for you and your guests are a carnival theme or a casino night. And you can do it all yourself or enlist the help of an even planner.

Make a Holiday Even More Special: Do you both share a favorite holiday, like Christmas or New Years? Maybe you’’re all about Valentine’’s Day and sharing the love? There is no reason why you can’’t choose a national holiday as the day that you say ‘‘I do’’ all over again. And a plus about doing it on a holiday is that most of your loved ones will likely have the day off for the occasion or they may already be there celebrating the holiday with you.

Renewing your’ commitment to each other can be an affair as big or small, grand or understated or just plain crazy as you want it to be. At the end of it all, what matters most is that the happy couple remains happy. It’’s a piece of cake with the right planning —wedding cake that is!

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