• Comparison Shopping for Furniture

    We all love a bargain, don’t we?  But often times the lower priced item is not necessarily a bargain. This is certainly true when it comes to purchasing furniture.

    • Selecting End Tables for your Living Room

      Sideboard-style tables, which are usually rectangular in shape, are also popular in living rooms. These are generally narrow and quite high – normally about the height of a regular mantelpiece that would be constructed above a fireplace.

    • Buying Pillows for the Bedroom

      The first step when buying a pillow is to understand the basics of pillow support. Finding the right support is important to ensure that you get a restful night of sleep and eliminate the chance of neck or back pain which could lead to consequences later in life.

    • Cleaning the Fridge

      So you start removing one item, only to find something moldy or unrecognizable beneath it, which causes you to dig even further.  Then, suddenly you are emptying the entire contents of the fridge into a trash bag and notice that the jelly jars in the door are for some reason stuck solidly to the shelves. Which means you have to clean that too.

    • Hardwood vs. Laminate Flooring

      Laminate looks like hardwood, but costs much less, which begs the question. Is laminate really a good alternative to hardwood

    • Selecting Kitchen Curtains

      Something that should be considered when choosing a window treatment is the direction your room faces in the hottest part of the day. If you have an abundance of sun, you may want to opt for a window treatment that can block it.

    • Home Remedies for Killing Bugs

      There are a number of simple tips that can be considered, to enjoy a beautiful garden that is devoid of pests and rodents. The options given below are not only effective, but also inexpensive.  >> more 

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