• Choosing a Bunk Bed for your Child

    At its simplest it is a wooden or metal framework with the top bed either directly above the bottom one, or with the two set at right-angles to one another. At its most elaborate, a single bunk bed can become part of an intricate furniture design that incorporates storage, display shelves and often a desk unit.

    • Selecting Pillows For the Bedroom

      Very few people sleep with only one pillow. For every guest in an average hotel, over 89% call the front desk within the first several hours of check in to ask for additional pillows. Thus, for the sake of addressing the majority, we will assume that we need 4 basic sleeping pillows in the bedroom.

    • Tile Floors

      And when it comes to cleaning tile floors, homeowners should know that no two tiles are made precisely the same way.

    • Cleaning Showerheads

      Clogged fixtures, like showerheads, faucets and toilets, do not work as efficiently as they should and may stop working altogether. In the case of showerheads, you’ll know you have a clog if the powerful flow that you once enjoyed is slowly reduced to a trickle.

    • Selecting a Bathroom Mirror

      When decorating or remodeling a bathroom it is basically a given you will be heading into the stores focused on the difficult task of selecting a bathroom mirror.

    • Creating a Focal Point for your Kitchen

      Whether you’re planning a new kitchen or doing what you can to improve an existing one, you can achieve a lot simply by creating a focal point for your kitchen.

    • Using The Color Wheel For Home Decorating

      The use of a color wheel will definitely make choosing the right combination of colors for painting your walls, adding accents, choosing furnishings and furniture and gathering accessories, a much easier task.

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