• Flooring Options for the Kitchen

    If you like the look of wood underfoot in your kitchen, there's the choice of either real wood or laminate flooring that has been made to look like wood. Some types of laminate flooring simply lock together, making it an ideal product for the home handyman to install.

    • What Color to Paint A Small Bathroom

      By painting the walls of your bathroom with desaturated cool colors, you'll ensure that the space is as open and airy as it can be expected to appear. Light gray-blues are very peaceful, while sage greens are fresh and lively, and muted lavenders are soothing.

    • How To Remove Wallpaper

      Depending on the type of paper that has been installed, some can be removed dry. Others may need a removal solution. Basically, it really depends on the method of installation used.

    • Washing Hardwood Floors

      In order to keep your hardwood floors looking spotless and fresh, you have to clean them daily. This means that you vacuum or sweep them.

    • Choosing Granite Kitchen Counters

      If you are building a home or remodeling your kitchen from the floor up, it’s a good idea to choose your countertop first. Even of you’re going with tile or hardwood in your kitchen, the fact is the most unique element is going to be that granite kitchen counter.

    • Kitchen Floor Wear and Tear

      In considering kitchen floor wear and tear, solid wood is a good choice as long as it’s treated properly and you choose the right type of wood.

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