• Selecting Pillows For the Bedroom

    Very few people sleep with only one pillow. For every guest in an average hotel, over 89% call the front desk within the first several hours of check in to ask for additional pillows. Thus, for the sake of addressing the majority, we will assume that we need 4 basic sleeping pillows in the bedroom.

    • Selecting a Bathroom Sink

      Choosing home renovation elements can at first be an exciting task, but slowly grows more aggravating as all the practicalities of dimensions and functionality begin to overwhelm homeowners.

    • The Difference a Headboard Can Make

      Whether for a teen or adult, the bed is usually the focal point of any bedroom, particularly if it’s a double or king size. So the headboard is always going to take centre stage.

    • Washing Hardwood Floors

      In order to keep your hardwood floors looking spotless and fresh, you have to clean them daily. This means that you vacuum or sweep them.

    • Home Design Trends from Australia

      Being a country known for the outdoor lifestyle it’s no surprise that Australians do anything they can to make the most of the weather, even when they are relaxing at home. Therefore the indoor to outdoor flow in every Australian home is important.

    • How Colors Affect Your Mood

      The next time you're thinking about redecorating your house, advertising for an event, marketing a product, planning a meal, or buying a gift for a romantic partner, give strong thought to your color choices and how colors affect moods.

    • Renting versus Buying a House

      Don’t be bullied into either renting or buying a house. The decision is yours and will be influenced by your sense of values and priorities.  Perhaps homeowners are viewed as more stable and are more attractive to money lenders, but buying a house is a very personal matter.

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