• There’s No Excuse for a Messy House

    When you live with other people, it is important to be respectful of maintaining your home.  Bottom line, there ISNT an excuse for a messy home.

    • Selecting a Bathroom Sink

      Choosing home renovation elements can at first be an exciting task, but slowly grows more aggravating as all the practicalities of dimensions and functionality begin to overwhelm homeowners.

    • How To Remove Wallpaper

      Depending on the type of paper that has been installed, some can be removed dry. Others may need a removal solution. Basically, it really depends on the method of installation used.

    • Washing Windows

      For some reason, people seem to run into all sorts of frustrating problems when they wash windows. They end up replacing the stains and crud marks with even uglier smears and water spots.

    • Hiring a Kitchen Designer

      Hiring a kitchen designer should be a well planned process for your renovation project. It is the key to saving money and time in the long run of your project.

    • Renting an Apartment or House – What to Look For

      With the economy, and particularly the real estate market, in a state of flux in North America many families and individuals are now looking to rent rather than buy a home, preferring not to get tied into a mortgage at this time.

    • Using The Color Wheel For Home Decorating

      The use of a color wheel will definitely make choosing the right combination of colors for painting your walls, adding accents, choosing furnishings and furniture and gathering accessories, a much easier task.

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