• Do We Need a Bigger House

    Watch out for the usual pitfalls. Monitor the interest rates, crunch those numbers as we suggested, and make sure the location of your bigger house is an excellent location – so if you decide after 15 years that you’re ready to downsize, selling it won’t take ages.

    • Choosing a Color Scheme for a Bathroom

      The bathroom is the one room in your home that you will rarely be forced to share with others. That said, should you still create “flow” between your bathroom and the rest of your home? Absolutely, not!

    • Space Saving Ideas for the Bedroom

      Probably the biggest piece of bedroom furniture that you own is your bed.  And most people are not willing to downsize their mattress or bed in order to make more floor space in the bedroom.

    • How to Clean and Care for Leather Dining Room Chairs

      A traditional way to care for any leather is to use dubbin, which is a product that has been produced for centuries. A number of companies produce dubbin, and all you do is to apply it to the leather and run it in so that it penetrates the material.

    • Cleaning the House for Company

      For so many people, the thought of company coming – even if for just a short while can turn them into Martha Stewart on speed – as they essentially clean, organize and redecorate the house like a mad person to accommodate people they only see a few times a year.

    • Painting Over Dark Paint Colors

      Anybody who has painted anything will know that it is going to take more coats to cover the dark paint than the light paint. But if you haven't had this experience, persist with the experiment.

    • Reducing Dust in the Home

      The unfortunate reality is that even we clean our home on a regular basis, dust is still around us. It can enter the home through an open window and can even travel on the clothing and shoes of those that come into the homes.

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