• General Plant Information

  • What Do Worms Eat

    What worms eat depends in part on where they live. Worms can live closer to the surface or much deeper underground. On the surface, worms eat a variety of organic materials, such as dead grass and leaves that have fallen from the trees.

    • Did You Know That Flowers Speak

      There’s little doubt that flowers are beautiful, many have perfume aromas that stir the senses, and the act of giving and receiving flowers is woven into the very fabric of our culture. But did you know each flower has a meaning, and did you know each flower ‘sends an unspoken message?’

    • How To Make Flowers Last Longer

      To make flowers & plants last longer, the first step is to keep your flowers in a cool place until you can get them in a flower food solution.

    • Selecting Potting Soil

      There seems to be a special mixture for every type of plant.  Cacti love loamy soil.  Orchids require special nutrients to grow.  Bulbs like a lot of bone meal to grow well.  There are special mixtures to use in shady areas and recipes to use in full sun areas

    • Does Smoke Affect House Plants

      Research has revealed that plants absorb indoor air pollutants, though their effect on smoke absorption is not confirmed. It is generally found that houseplants are very effective in removing smoke and obnoxious gases from the atmosphere.

    • Gardening Supplies

      Every gardener needs a few tools to help their green thumb.  No matter if you are a novice or a seasoned pro, a few tools of the trade will make your hobby or obsession a little easier.  Depending on what specific type of gardening you do, you may need specialized tools.

    • Growing Herbs Indoors

      An indoor herb garden usually uses the same concept as container gardening.  There are some herbs that can be planted in the same container; however, it is best to plant each herb in a separate container unless you know that the two herbs will grow well together.  If you plant two herbs together in the same container, be sure that the conditions that the herbs require are similar.

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