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Bumper Stickers Are For Suckers

As if it isn’t bad enough to be driving a minivan around town, parents now feel compelled to paste stupid family stick figures stickers, or “Baby on Board” yield signs in the back window to advertise to the world that they have a family. Seriously!? As if, the minivan in and of itself, or the […]

Who’s the Boss in Your Family – Mom, Dad or the Kids

In the business world, you have a CEO, CFO, Marketing Director, Sales managers, human resource officers and a host of assistants and lackey personnel to do the grunt work. This pecking order is essential to make sure that responsibilities are divided equally, that everyone has a specific responsibility and that duties are performed with precision. […]

Cherishing Time Without Your Children

Today’s parents are the ultimate over achievers. Our children are involved in more activities than ever before, many parents work grueling long hours in order to provide all the wants and desires of their families, and are stricken with a sense of guilt-induced parenting that we are still not doing enough for and with our […]

Who is Santa Claus – And is He Real?

Ask any child between the ages of two and (if you’re lucky) ten who Santa Claus is and they will have no problem telling you. He is the jolly, full size elf that somehow wriggles down the chimney (or walks right through the locked front door) and delivers presents to all the good little boys […]

Playing on Your Phone When You Have Company

There is nothing quite like a bunch of friends enjoying one another’s company on a hot, sunny summer Saturday. Together, they rode off into the sunset together and found themselves a swimming hole. Perhaps the only thing that could ruin this blissful activity is the fact that they didn’t get far enough from their available […]

Taking Your Kids Out of School to Travel

It’s ironic really. When your kids are little and not restrained by the confines of a school calendar, they are generally too young to appreciate most of your adventures in travel. Taking a 3 year old to Disney World, or the Southern Cape of Africa, is sort of a waste of time and money considering […]

Is TV Ruining Your Life – Then Shut your Television Off

The television, often called the ‘boob tube’ is ever blamed for the demise of our society. For decades there have been anti-television advocacy groups positioning themselves in a ‘save the world,’ type of stance that feel television is ruining people’s lives. One thing that it doesn’t take into account is that you, the consumer – […]

Disneyland on the 4th of July – Enjoy the Fireworks

If you want to immerse yourself in an old fashioned American celebration, then head to Disneyland on the 4th of July. From the patriotic decorations to the special entertainment and parades, you’ll find plenty to do during the daytime. After dark, you’ll have a great view of one of the county’s best Independence Day fireworks […]

Your Posts on Facebook – Too Much Information

The internet. In today’s world, the internet is much more than looking up information and being connected with intelligence. It has become, via social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, the new means of social graces and a foundation for many relationships in this world. According to statistics, more than 35% of all the […]

Understanding Today’s Facebook and Texting Slang

If you have ever landed on a Facebook page that belongs to someone under the age of 25, you were likely curious whether they graduated high school at all…or if their random posts are just a series of typos. Essentially, the world of social media and texting has pretty much created a form of shorthand […]

What Happened to Work Ethic

Each and every month for the past few years, front-page headlines have been made by reporting the current dismal jobs reports across the United States. And week after week, things remain the same. Unemployment lines are long with record numbers of people receiving unemployment benefits while the list of companies hiring are few and far […]