Randi Jones
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Artist Randi Jones lives in lovely Washington State on the Kitsap peninsula. Randi enjoys working in her studio creating ‘Butterfly Art’, which are displays using real framed butterflies as environmentally friendly artwork. Her displays were so popular that she started selling them online. She slowly added more items to her store until it became a full-fledged store full of fun animal related items and lots of employees. She later opened an entire Children’s Bug and Reptile Museum with free admission, which is a highly popular attraction in her area. How did she discover ‘Butterfly Art?’ Randi has always loved nature. While attaining her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, she discovered her love for insects. She then entered a graduate program in Entomology (insects) and got her Master of Science degree in Agricultural Entomology. While attaining her degree, she discovered how little exposure people had to the exotic and interesting insects of the world! In an attempt to share these magnificent insects with everyone, Randi created ‘Butterfly Art’. All butterflies used in her displays are common species in their native countries and are raised in butterfly farms. They are professionally mounted under glass for best visibility of their striking natural colors and shapes.

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