Shannon Clark
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With over 10 years of industry experience under her belt and a degree in Exercise Science, Shannon Clark, certified personal trainer and fitness writer, is ready to help you reach your goals. Her love of fitness began with years of training as a competitive figure skater throughout her childhood and teenage years which led her to begin studying exercise science in university. From there she went on to become a certified personal trainer and began also working online writing for a wide variety of websites on health, fitness, and nutrition while working with clients in person. She concentrates her focus on helping others with building lean muscle mass and stripping off those last few pounds of body fat and she’s studied what works and what doesn’t. It can be a complicated issue trying to determine right from wrong, but when you have the smart techniques in place, reaching your dream body is definitely possible. Website:

Common Weight Loss Myths

As you go about your fat loss workout and diet program, one thing you must be certain of is that you’re well aware of some of the most common weight loss myths that circulate around. If you̵…

Working Out While On Holidays

As you get prepared for your vacation get-away, one thing that you should start thinking about is how you plan to maintain your fitness level. While it would be easy to write off your regular workout …