Breaking Up Over the Phone – Pros and Cons

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The only reason I’m considering the phone method is because he can get mad and not let me leave and move on. Its happened before where he’d just stare at me and yell why I was breaking up with him (we made up a few days after). I dont want to deal with that again. Assuming you’re cruel for doing that way is really. Really. Closeminded.

  2. R.MG says:

    This is actually a really good read, Regarding the previous comment, u are afraid of breaking up with him in person because he might yell? That sounds pretty petty. I mean it couldn’t have been that bad if u made up with him days later. Unless u are afraid of being physically harmed, because you owe him a courteous considerate,respectful explanation … then there is no reason to break up with him over the phone unless u are the close minded one.

    People never forget relationships… if u have any respect for him at all u wouldn’t care if he yelled or not. Do u want him to look back negatively about u or positively?Maybe he yelled to begin with because u weren’t respectful in your demeanor the first time… maybe u were. Either way being yelled at means u care more about yourself than anything else… phone breakups provide no closure for the receiver. Don’t be in a relationship if u don’t have the balls to break up in person.

  3. Alexis says:


    Are you not capable of ending a relationship maturely because the person got upset that you were breaking up with them?

    He couldn’t be that bad that you made up with him after the first time. Unless you broke up in a fashion that he felt disrespected. Most people who break up respectfully and assertively results in a cordial exit, what did you do to make him disrespected?

    Your answer really bleeds selfishness. 2 reasons to break up over phone 1) they are abusive 2) they live in another state/country.

    There are no grey areas in between “pout pout he got mad and loud at me the first time”

    Selfish. You are the close minded one.

  4. BBMACGEE says:

    Hey anonymous, why get back into a relationship if you aren’t willing to break up with him to his face again. That shows how insincere you really are as a person. Stay away from relationships, period.

  5. Eric.A says:

    I really agree with you, I am almost 40, happily married with children.

    I get nostalgic from time to time about my younger years. I’ll have to admit that I think about my first love at times, and her dumping me over the phone. I was devastated… now several years later part of the devastation was the unclassy way she broke up. It really left no closure and degraded me as a person. Of course her excuse was that I was too controlling and she was afraid.. which I wasn’t. I even took her back when she came back crying… did it again over the phone months later. Why did she do it again over the phone? Was it because I was a paychotic sob, that she painted me out to be to her friends.. as well as my self? Nope… she just didnt think it was necessary to owe it to my face this time.

    I think this speaks volumes about the type of person she was/is. No accountability, no compassion.

    People remember that stuff.

  6. anonymous says:

    I completely agree with the article, howev I don’t fully connect with the “dating karma” comment.

    I was in a serious relationship with someone (over 16 yrs old of course) and they cut me off over a telephone conversation, also they felt the need to blame my character flaws on top of that. They lived a 5-minute drive down the road. The next few days she was already seeing new people. I was crushed, I had so many questions. The lack of compassion, the lack of closure. Any question I had afterward was returned with coldness and more blame. I didn’t talk to them for several months. I made the attempt to make contact. They had moved on completely, found someone new. I said i’d leave them alone and thanked them for their time and they couldn’t even say bye back… just ignored me. Now they are married 9 yrs with 3 children, live in a nice neighborhood, have good jobs, etc. Dating karma? Never happened.

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