Learn more about caring and raising a baby boy or girl with these helpful articles.

Top Ten Baby Names

It is tough to find a definitive top ten list of baby names since these lists vary somewhat by region, but the names that have appeared at the top for...

Should You Get Your Baby’s Ears Pierced?

For many parents, having a baby girl ahs them looking forward to all things girly. Big pink bows, pretty dresses, sparkly shoes, princess outfits and of course, pierced ears. In...

Letting a Baby Cry It Out

For new parents, nothing is more frustrating than a baby who will not sleep. The problem is often compounded by other parents who claim that their little darlings slept through...

The Ferber Method – Letting a Baby Cry it Out

New parents confounded by their baby’s sleeplessness are faced with two schools of thought when they seek advice. The first is espoused by Dr. William Sears, among others. It is...

Picking Up Baby or Rocking a Baby to Sleep

New parents face many challenges, among them getting a baby to fall asleep and stay asleep. An even greater challenge for some is deciding which advice to follow when well-meaning...