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Why CBD is the Next Big Thing

David Beart
CBD has been a buzzword on the lips of a lot of Americans lately.  It’s for many good reasons!  It’s the modern help-all, easing the symptoms that so many people...

Are CBD Gummies Safe for Kids?

David Beart
You’ve already heard the rage about CBD. People—maybe including a few of your friends, or even yourself—are taking it to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and treat other ailments like epilepsy,...

A Layman’s Guide to Motorcycle Accidents

David Beart
Most of us consider motorcycle accidents to be similar to any other type of car accident. However, there are several inherent factors related to motorcycles that make these accidents different...

Primal Fear: Disclosing a Dementia Diagnosis

Lisa B. Capp
Because we’re human, we fear what we don’t understand. We are skilled in constructing real and imagined boundaries around matters we’re unable to control and hope to keep at bay....

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Epilepsy

David Beart
According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, about 1 percent of the population suffers from epilepsy. And although men and women are equally affected, women may be more susceptible...

Should I Consider a Nursing Home?

Whether you and your family are facing a quick decision about a nursing home due to a recent event or have been coping with a worsening progressive disease such as...