Learn all you need about adopting or buying a kitten. We cover everything from selecting a breeder, costs of owning a cat to training and health tips.

When Do Kittens Start Walking

A new bundle of kittens is a magical experience. With their flat little faces, their sweet little cone heads, and of course their tiny little kitten bodies that scarcely resemble...

Kitten Mills – Breeding Kittens for Profit

Media attention has given puppy mills at least enough attention to make the phrase a commonplace euphemism for “bad puppy breeder,” but little attention has been given to kitten mills....

How do you Care for Orphaned Kittens

If you find a litter of orphaned kittens, or if your mama cat has serious health issues and is not taking care of her babies, you may have to step...

Adopting a Kitten from a Shelter

Adopting a kitten from a shelter is by far one of the most loving ways you can find yourself a new best friend. Shelters provide a desperately needed service to...

How Long Till Kittens Open their Eyes

If you have ever witnessed the miracle of birth in the animal world, you already understand that you wave witnessed one of the most incredible facets of life. Kittens are...