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How Do You Respond to a Guilt Trip?

David Beart
Guilt-tripping is something that we’ve all experienced, and it can be an incredibly difficult situation to navigate; especially if it’s coming from someone you love (which it usually is). Make...

Groomsmen Gift Ideas They’ll Love

David Beart
When it comes to planning a wedding, you have a lot of costs and gifts you need to factor in. Aside from giving a wedding guest gift to those who...

Is Your Marriage Beyond Repair?

David Beart
Let’s face it. Today, divorce has become a common thing. Couples will go through slight problems, and the next thing you hear is that they are already filing for a...

How to Get Along With Your New Roommate

David Beart
After living on your own for some time, you have decided to share living expenses with a roommate. While you have great memories of your college roomies, that was awhile...