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Can Single Men and Women be Just Friends

Stef Daniel
Think Jerry and Elaine from the now cancelled hit show, Seinfeld. If you were like most people, you watched the two of them transition through their completely heterosexual lives with...

Why do Women Love Diamonds?

Ah… some men, regardless of whether they’re beasts or chivalrous knights in shining armor can sometimes sweep a woman off her feet. But diamonds – they take a woman’s breath...

Are Mr. and Mrs. Right Really Available?

Stef Daniel
Over the past few decades, dating has taken on many new meanings. There is speed dating, online dating, blind dating, long distance dating and of course the traditional dating where...

Proposing to Your Significant Other

The reason your favorite person is called “significant other” is because he or she is the human being you’d want to spend the rest of your life with. You’ve met...