Marriage Advice

Practical marriage advice covering common marital problems such as commitment, disagreements, money and raising a family together.

Scheduling Sex with Your Spouse

Stef Daniel
Wow, this is a new one. You are used to scheduling dinner dates. Probably accustomed to scheduling vacations and definitely able to schedule other important events in your life. But...

Talking to a Spouse about Spending

Talking to a spouse about spending can be one of the most uncomfortable conversations you will ever have to have. Money is a touchy subject in many households, and people...

What does the Bible say about Marriage?

Whether you are an anxious bride to be awaiting your special day or have been someones beloved wife for many years . . . every Christian asks themselves at some...

Marriage is All About Compromise

Stef Daniel
She wants red walls in the living room, he wants dark brown. She wants a crystal chandelier, he wants brushed metal. He wants ‘it’’ 4 times a week, she is...