Learn all you need to know about adding carpet, tile and hardwood flooring to your home.

What Is The Best Wood Floor?

David Beart
You don’t need to be an expert in interior design to be aware of the fact that hardwood floors add value to your home. They have become one of the...

What is a Smart Floor – Durability and Toughness

A smart floor is made of components engineered to withstand the stress and strain of everyday living. Extra durability and toughness is manufactured into the component parts, including an anti...

Installing a Hardwood Floor

Jon Wurtmann
Engineered floors are the fastest growing segment of the flooring market, and for good reason. They are more stable, they are engineered to fit, snap or lock together, and in...

Flooring for a Home Gym

Paul Mroczka
Most people know that they should never workout on a concrete floor. Doing so will expose your body to undue stress and possible injury. Spend even a little time working...

Buying an Area Rug

Shopping for rugs can be both fun and intimidating. There are so many choices in color, style, and fiber that it can be difficult to make a decision. But arming...