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CBD Oil: Benefits & Side Effects You Need to Know

Unless you’ve been out of the country for the last five years, you’ve probably heard about CBD. It’s supposed to do everything from relieving anxiety to preventing cancer. How can one product do so much?

It has to do with your body’s endocannabinoid system. It’s composed of naturally occurring cannabinoids and endocannabinoids, and together, they’re responsible for regulating hormones and helping your body and mind reach homeostasis. Hormones play a huge role in helping you feel healthy and put together, even if there’s nothing physically wrong with you.

CBD oil, like the products found on this page:, is basically a supplement that increases the number of cannabinoids inside your body so that it can more effectively balance your hormones with your mental and physical needs. It’s for this reason that people believe it has so many amazing benefits for health and wellness.

It’s not a psychoactive drug like it’s cousin marijuana, but its connection to the psychoactive cannabis drugs have lumped it in the category of Schedule 1 drugs. Therefore, little research has been done on its effects on the human body. But based on what we know from clinical research and stories from those who have tried it, here are some of the biggest benefits and a few side effects you should know.


Despite the lack of research to show how CBD can improve the lives of those who use it, there are plenty of people to vouch for its effects. It’s only a matter of time before studies support the anecdotal research showing that CBD has many mental and physical health benefits. Here’s what people say CBD does for them:

Anxiety Relief: Studies done on CBD and social anxiety indicate a positive correlation between CBD and reduced anxiety. It ultimately relaxes the user’s body and mind, helping them to think rationally and overcome the emotional strain of anxiety disorders and stressors.

Better Sleep: Whether they suffer from a sleep disorder or anxious thoughts keep them awake, millions of Americans don’t get adequate sleep. If you’re struggling to fall asleep due to racing thoughts, restless legs, stress, pain, or another factor affecting your mind or body, CBD may be able to help. It will relax you so that your tired body can make you fall asleep and stay that way.

Seizure Treatment: This is one area where we have plenty of research to support the use of CBD. The FDA has supported medical research on epilepsy and related brain illnesses, and they approved a prescription medication in 2018 that works wonder for reducing the severity of seizures in both adults and children.

Pain Relief: As your body’s cannabinoid count increases when under the influence of CBD, one of the effects is inhibited pain signals. The cannabinoids prevent pain signals from reaching the endocannabinoids, dulling the pain experienced from an injury or chronic condition like arthritis. Many health professionals recommend CBD to those who experience severe daily pain because of a medical condition.

Inflammation Reduction: Another reason for the pain relief mentioned above is the reduction in inflammation at the site of pain. When CBD creams are applied to a pain site, it can penetrate deep and ease the swelling. This helps the injuries heal faster and eliminate some of the pain, just like an over the counter NSAID.

Skin Care: CBD creams, oils, and lotions are thought to have skin normalizing effects. When applied daily, they could firm up wrinkled skin, erase age spots, and minimize scarring and stretch marks. It’s also a great acne treatment since it takes down inflammation, reduces the production of sebum, and naturally hydrates the skin. When put inside a moisturizing sunscreen, CBD may also help to prevent skin cancer by fighting damaging free radicals from the sun.

Boosted Immune System: The endocannabinoid system is also responsible for immune system regulation. There are many factors that contribute to a heightened immune system, including sleep, stress levels, and hormones. Since CBD can help to regulate all of these things, your immune system can benefit as a result.

Side Effects

For many people, the side effects of CBD are nonexistent. Others feel them only occasionally. Depending on certain medications and lifestyles, however, the side effects can be quite noticeable. With the right dosage and habits, most people can enjoy CBD with few problems. Side effects include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Low blood pressure
  • Drowsiness
  • Lethargy or fatigue
  • Liver injury (uncommon)
  • Nausea
  • Weakness

According to, cannabidiol is reportedly safe if you take up to 300 mg daily for up to six months. Higher doses (4-5 times that amount) should only be taken for a few weeks to avoid major side effects. Failing to follow these instructions can increase the presence and severity of these listed side effects.

Those who are pregnant or breast feeding should also take extreme precaution around CBD. There’s not enough information to prove that CBD is safe for the baby or the mother, and women in this condition should only use CBD under the direction of a doctor. Usually, the potential side effects must be much less worrisome than the ailment you’re treating for it to be worthwhile.

It’s most likely safe for children to use CBD at the right dosage. Parents should give CBD to their children only under the supervised direction of a doctor. Children under two years of age should not use CBD.

It’s also important to note that CBD can have adverse reactions to certain medications like sedatives and chemotherapy drugs. If you’re taking any medication, you should check with your physician to make sure it won’t cause a problem before using CBD.

When compared with many drugs used to treat pain, anxiety, mood disorders, etc., the side effects are minimal. Most people suffering from something that CBD can treat find that the trade off is well worth it!

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