Death of a Wife – The Grieving Husband

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  1. Alan hare says:

    Lost my wife of 52 years in a head on collision,without the support of my family and friend I would not have got throught this,yes I think men find it mor difficult than women when they lose there partner

  2. steve ippolito says:

    I loss my wife when I was 24 and now i’m 54 and still haven’t found another wife although I’ve had many relationships but none measured up so now what do I do???

    1. Alan hare says:

      Damn right its more difficult for men than women,lost my wife of 52 years in a head on car crash 2 and a half years ago,now getting my life back together again now,i have had massive help from my family,plus readings from mediams,&councelling.
      Without all that i know i would have not have made it.
      Alan [email protected]
      My contact details are public-if i can help anyone…..

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