Disciplining a 12 Year Old

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  1. Jackie says:

    And what are you to do with a 12 year old has shared custody with a parent who is a complete narcissist and leaves everything with your child negotiable?Including seeing his mother on the set days but always has something more fun come up?Or always becomes the coach of little league when it is something you want for your child but is a tactic to cut said days down from 31/2 to 1-1 1/2 as there are always sleepovers and parties but said co parent (narcissist) has made it as if normal parent who wants child to do good with grades and has standards is completely opposite and not to even hold child accountable for grades? I’m a good mother who was fooled by a narcissist who was supposed to go to mediation and taken to court ex parté and now stuck in a system where they force adults good and bad to have to negotiate? What if that said parent lives for free at home with his parents and has no bills and child support and you live in the real world and the good parent are the one who is constantly playing role of bad cop, and letting the child have their outlet but it’s tearing you up that you can’t just tell this mini adult (they think they are) that the other parent is a wolf in sheeps clothing because the system has failed me and I feel like I am losing my sons respect and understanding, luckily he has sympathy and is sensitive and kind but the more his narcissistic father offers him greener grass and better Kool aid the more he drinks from the cooler and wants to play in the grass. No matter how much you can match the toys games possessions it is costing me time with my child who is being charmed by a narcissist. Any help? Any organizations I’ve looked high and low.

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