Dog Diarrhea Causes

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  1. kimberley says:

    might it be possible his cause diarrhea is the puppy has fleas

  2. ambreen says:

    Hi have an 8year old husky german shepherd cross male dog. Had never given us any trouble. Is mild and doesn’t ‘ve any eating tantrums. But for past few days 10days has been pooping semi solid loose motions like liquid brown custard( sorry this was the perfect description could think of). He’s otherwise healthy happy alert and eating just fine. I give him white boiled rice and smart heart dog food twice daily plus rusks fir snacks. His vet came n treated him for swollen rectum n gave him shots of antibiotics but pooping still is there. He poops 4-5times during night. Rest of tge day he’s fine n active. What to do getting very worried now. Please help!

  3. Robert says:

    What dog food has the least reasons in its ingredients so it will be least likely to cause any diarrhea in a dog?

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