Dog Vomiting – Treatment and Prevention of Vomiting in Dogs

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  1. belinda repose says:

    my little dog vomits 2/3 times a week on and off for about 4 months. he has seen the vet 3 tims at the cost of $ blockage,no fever,very fussy eater,will not eat kibble, i have tried 10 / brands.sneezing with clear discharge frequently.he takes limited amounts of water and gets lethargic. is there something i can do for my dog “happy”

    1. belinda repose says:

      last week Happy had blood work and given IV fluids. he was feeling well for 6/8 hours he ate very little in a.m. and did not eat dinner. what do you mean awaiting moderation?

    2. jenni says:

      My small basenji sneezes frequently, picky eater, drinks rarely and has been vomiting twice a week yellow foamy food combo. Resembles ur pooch. Any answers found yet? Write me please Callmetinkerbella…

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