• Raising Children

  • Boys Don’t Cry as the Saying Goes

    Boys don’t cry and they certainly don’t play with dolls.   They also need to grow up strong, not acting like whiney sissies every time something doesn’t go their way.  Parents will say, “Suck it up,” “be a man,” “come on, what are you a girl,” in public when boys seem to cross the threshold of tough and manly into sensitive or hurt.

    • When your Child is Fat - Who’s to Blame

      Many parents agree that it is hard to deny their child of food.  They feel guilty, or feel like it will hurt their child if they manage their portions and choices.

    • Getting Children to Eat their Meals

      Planning meals with children in the house is not as easy as making a shopping list and compiling coupons. In fact, it can be very difficult to strike the balance between providing meal versatility, nutrition and foods that the kids will actually eat.

    • Are Today Kids Living A Life of Convenience

      Every generation of adults wants their children to have it easier, better – than they had it. That is most often the common vision of parents. To raise children in a better world than the one they were raised in.

    • Our Family and Our Pets

      Every family is different and every child is unique. We made some bad decisions buying pets that did not match up with the child and we made some very good decisions as well. In my experience it is very important to do a lot of research ahead of time on how the animal will interact with the child and the family.

    • Teaching Your Children to Stand Up For Themselves

      Whatever you do, teach your children to stand up for themselves!  That should be one of the first lessons in your home.  Let’s throw all this cushy, feel good, love the world, parenting advice out the metaphorical window, and give our kids backbone.  The reality is that they are going to need to have one to succeed in this world.

    • When the Parents are Nuts

      Once you get passed the ‘play date at the park years’ and neighborhood block parties, and enroll your child in the brick and mortar walls of education, your children begin to make friends of their own. Based on what THEY think, not you.

    • Mom and Dad Weren’t so Dumb After all

      Just because we grow up in a different time period than our parents, doesn’t necessarily mean that their values and beliefs are dated.  In fact, every generation, despite advances in certain aspects of life, have the same similar set of life problems, values, and ethics.

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