• Raising Children

  • Educating Children About Strangers

    Educating your children about strangers should start early in life and should teeter on instilling caution without excess fear! It is also a parents job to try and prepare a child, no matter how young for the worst case scenario and give them ideas that can help them help themselves should the need arise.

    • Can Children be Taught Patience

      When you consider the consequences of NOT teaching patience to a child, you will realize just how important waiting for that bowl of ice cream can be toward making them happier adults!

    • Being a Baseball Mom

      Being a baseball mom means many things. It means taking your kid to practice even if you don’t really want to go. It entails missing more dinners at home for the boiled hotdogs and popcorn sold at the park and interacting with other parents and children, many of whom you may not like.

    • Photographing a Child

      Another way to help a shy or extroverted child be more at ease with the camera is by letting them take a few pictures themselves.  This may be an occasion when having an extra, less expensive point and shoot camera or a throw-away camera may come in handy.

    • Juvenile Arthritis - What it Means to Us

      Back in January we noticed that Monkey was limping a little. We thought that maybe it was because of how he usually sits on the floor…legs to the side like a M..we thought maybe his leg or foot was falling asleep.

    • Mom and Dad Weren’t so Dumb After all

      Just because we grow up in a different time period than our parents, doesn’t necessarily mean that their values and beliefs are dated.  In fact, every generation, despite advances in certain aspects of life, have the same similar set of life problems, values, and ethics.

    • Getting Children to Eat their Meals

      Planning meals with children in the house is not as easy as making a shopping list and compiling coupons. In fact, it can be very difficult to strike the balance between providing meal versatility, nutrition and foods that the kids will actually eat.

    • When your Child is Fat - Who’s to Blame

      Many parents agree that it is hard to deny their child of food.  They feel guilty, or feel like it will hurt their child if they manage their portions and choices.

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