• Raising Children

  • Aggressive Behavior in Children

    Truth is that children can be and often are by nature aggressive individuals.  If you ever watched a room full of kindergartners let loose to play freely with toys with no adult supervision you would witness varying levels of aggressive behavior.

    • Positive Discipline for Children

      What parents need to realize is that NOT all discipline is created equal, and that whatever you choose – and whatever belief you have about discipline for your child it needs to be delivered in a positive, loved based way.

    • Raising Twins

      Double the trouble, twice the fun, two times the love, I bet you have your hands full…are all the common sayings that a mother hears when she has been blessed with twins. When they are babies it is difficult to make it through any store or event without being stopped numerous times so that people can talk to you and ask you about your twins.

    • There is Nothing Wrong with Being Mr. Mom

      Back in 1983, when the movie Mr. Mom hit the big screen, the idea was an anomaly.  What 1980’s dad would WANT to stay home with the kids, let alone be equipped to handle it?

    • Lying to Your Children

      Moms are notorious for lying in front of their children.  Your neighbor asks you to baby-sit and because their child is a lunatic – you say you have plans – and then make those crazy eye gestures to your son so he knows to keep his mouth shut and not call you out on the so-called plans.

    • Get Your Hands Out of Your Pants, SON!

      Unfortunately, young boys do not seem to care whether they are on the couch, in the middle of the mall or at school.  If the mood strikes them, they will reach down in their pants and ‘play’ with their privates.

    • My Child is Not Going to Be a Rocket Scientist

      In a world with so much pressure to perform and excel, there are very few parents admitting that their child might be better suited for following in Spongebob’s footsteps and becoming a fry cook, then following in dads and becoming an engineer.

    • What Were You Thinking – Dumb Things Kids Do

      Kids spend their life doing some pretty ridiculous things.  The worst part is that most of the time they do these things, not because they want to get attention from others – but because they are blissfully unaware that there is a consequence for their action.

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