• Raising Teenagers

  • Dealing with Your Daughter’s First Period

    Dealing with your daughter’s first period can be difficult for you because it comes with the realization that your little girl is in fact growing up. Of course you knew it would happen, but not this quickly.

    • How Much Does it Cost to Move out of Your Parents’ House

      You need money to move.  To rent a one-bedroom apartment or efficiency there are costs involved and it depends on where in the country you live to figure this out.  Let’s use three examples that show a range and look at rent, moving, and other money-costs.

    • My Teenager is Dating a Loser

      Young love!  For parents, young love seems more like a hodge-podge of drama and mistakes where adult insight is somehow trumped by teenage hormones and declarations of ‘love.’

    • Teens & Dating – A Parents Guide

      One day, you are sailing along the preteen freeway at maximum speed, as if nothing could slow you down from raising the perfect child. Then they find an interest in boys or girls.

    • Tracking Your Teenagers Location

      Many parents feel that tracking is absolutely necessary.  Not only is it a way to build trust especially if your teen doesn’t know they are being tracked in the first place, but it also helps to ensure their child’s safety.

    • Finding Your Teens Stash of Drugs

      It’s one of every parent’s nightmares.  During a routine cleaning of your child’s room or while borrowing ‘their’ car – you accidentally come across a benign little baggie.  Curiosity gets the best of you, and you open it up only to be shocked to find your teen’s stash of drugs.

    • What Are My Odds of Getting Pregnant

      Essentially, the only wholly effective way to not get pregnant is through abstinence.  Even so, in most cases it takes both vaginal penetration and ejaculation to cause a pregnancy.

    • Teens and Technology – Is Your Teen Keeping Up With The Joneses

      Essentially, offering up all the latest and greatest gadgets, is not only putting our children out there in an unregulated cyber world that they aren’t emotionally or mentally equipped to handle, but is also stressing parents pocketbooks beyond what is reasonable.

    • Swearing and Teens

      If you have a teenager, then chances are you have probably noticed that the routine day-to-day jargon of teens has changed over the years to include quite a bit of foul language.

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