• Raising Teenagers

  • Being to the Point With Your Teenager

    Far too often, parents try to skirt over the important issues in life such as alcohol and drugs, growing up, sex and other ‘facts of life,’ by talking around the issues.  Unfortunately, this leaves a lot to the imagination for a preteen or teenager.

    • Finding Your Teens Stash of Drugs

      It’s one of every parent’s nightmares.  During a routine cleaning of your child’s room or while borrowing ‘their’ car – you accidentally come across a benign little baggie.  Curiosity gets the best of you, and you open it up only to be shocked to find your teen’s stash of drugs.

    • Signs Your Teen is on Drugs

      The signs your teen is using drugs are often more obvious than you think. More often than not, a simple scan of emails, chat rooms, or text messages will give their habits away. If you aren’t sure what some of the sayings or abbreviations stand for, you can easily look them up in urban dictionaries available online.

    • Taking Time Off before College

      In many ways, it is preposterous that so many teenagers are asked to make firm decisions about how they want to spend the rest of their life upon high school graduation.

    • Taking Your Teenagers Cell Phone Away

      There will be no soft parenting advice here.  The truth is that YOU grew up just fine without a cell phone – in fact, you never needed one – and the reality is your child doesn’t NEED one either.

    • Swearing and Teens

      If you have a teenager, then chances are you have probably noticed that the routine day-to-day jargon of teens has changed over the years to include quite a bit of foul language.

    • Teaching Teenagers about Birth Control

      Kids are just as uncomfortable talking about sex and sexual responsibility as their parents. They expect a lecture with blushing faces and a basic discussion similar to what they expect from the gym teacher during sex ed class.

    • Teaching Teenagers How to be Responsible Individuals

      Every parent faces on common challenge regardless of circumstances or socioeconomic class. How do you taper normal teenage rebellion with the values of responsibility? This is a difficult challenge and a prime example of why we have eighteen years or so to do our most basic parenting job.

    • Teaching Teenagers Values

      We were all teenagers once. We were all told not to drink or smoke or inhale. Most of us at least tried to listen. Some of listened to at least one or two of the three basics. But nearly all of us made at least one infraction on one of the basics before determining whether we were going to listen or not.

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