• Raising Teenagers

  • Being to the Point With Your Teenager

    Far too often, parents try to skirt over the important issues in life such as alcohol and drugs, growing up, sex and other ‘facts of life,’ by talking around the issues.  Unfortunately, this leaves a lot to the imagination for a preteen or teenager.

    • Giving Teenagers Some Freedom

      Many parents see the teen years as a lava pit.  They are terrified to give new freedoms because they think their teen is going to “fall in” and end up statistic.  On drugs, pregnant, or something worse!  Remember that these are your fears.

    • Keeping Teenagers Drug Free

      Keeping teenagers drug free is an awesome responsibility that can only be met when every adult in the life of a teenager is in harmony with the same goal of producing responsible and drug free young adults.

    • Dealing with Teenage Peer Pressure

      Peer pressure is most often a factor of who your child chooses to hang out with. They think well of their friends, otherwise they wouldn’t be friends to begin with. Peer pressure is disguised behind a myriad of other behaviors that seem like good behaviors.

    • I Think My Daughter is Gay

      Research told me how kids and young adults feel about being gay, how they hate themselves and try to deny it to themselves. Many even start having sex with the opposite gender just to prove to themselves that they are not gay.

    • Mom I want to Go on the Pill

      It’s hard to imagine that your little girl is growing up.  But even harder to imagine is that your little girl is having sex.  For many parents, the easiest way to deal with the fact that their daughter may or may not be having sex is to simply live in a state of blissful denial.

    • Teens and Technology – Is Your Teen Keeping Up With The Joneses

      Essentially, offering up all the latest and greatest gadgets, is not only putting our children out there in an unregulated cyber world that they aren’t emotionally or mentally equipped to handle, but is also stressing parents pocketbooks beyond what is reasonable.

    • Taking Your Teenagers Cell Phone Away

      There will be no soft parenting advice here.  The truth is that YOU grew up just fine without a cell phone – in fact, you never needed one – and the reality is your child doesn’t NEED one either.

    • Dealing with a Teenage Drama Queen

      And to think, you thought that once she passed the terrible two’s you were in the clear when it came to melodrama and psychotic meltdowns for no apparent reason.  (Think again!)

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