• Cold Drinks

  • Orange Juice

    The best reason to drink orange juice is – of course – the Vitamin C found in this refreshing drink.  Vitamin C boasts a plethora of health benefits.  It’s one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, attacking free radicals that can lead to cancer or heart disease.  It’s also been proven that a glass of orange juice each day results in a 25% reduced risk for ischemic stroke.

    • Organic Milk

      Now accounting for 3% of the entire milk market in the United States, organic milk has an annual growth rate of 23% in a time when total milk consumption decreases by 8% each year.

    • Soya Milk

      Many consumers buy soya milk for its advertised benefits, but the soy industry, just like the dairy industry, does receive criticism for potentially harmful soy milk components.

    • Chocolate Milk

      Chocolate milk contains oxalic acid, which initially lead researchers to believe that the calcium in chocolate milk would not be readily absorbed by the body. As it turns out, the oxalic acid will bind with calcium and prevent absorption, but it is present in such small amounts that the effects are negligible.

    • Milk

      As humans, we should understand that milk was our very first introduction to food; even if we stray from milk later on in our lives due to allergy or fear of hormones, we have milk to thank (and our mothers) as our primary source of nutrition and life.

    • Apple Juice

      Apple juice also provides sugars and fluids to the body, and tastes sweet enough that children will readily drink it. One serving of 100% apple juice (serving size is 4-6 ounces) is regarded as a fruit exchange following USDA guidelines

    • A Pop-Addicted Nation

      This isn’t good news for America’s health.  Soft drinks contain about 150 calories in an average can—and that’s much less than you’ll find in a bottle or in a “big-gulp” cup at the movie theatre.  It also contains other ingredients that can wreck a person’s health—especially when consumed regularly.

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