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Four Reasons the World Is Not Going to Run Out Of Room or Food

It might seem like Thanos (The Intergalactic Despot from Infinity War), was right after all!

The world is facing a crisis because we have finite resources for an abundance of population.

But killing half of the world population still doesn’t make sense. Fortunately, this issue was brought up long before Thanos ever came on the scene, and we are finding ways to sustain ourselves in the future.

With that said, in the following paragraphs we share four reasons why the world will not run out of resources (food and room) in the future.


By all means, we are not suggesting the projected estimates of the world facing resource issues in the near future are incorrect. Instead, we are saying there is a possibility that these estimates could be flawed based on past experiences.

For instance, there were some estimates published in the 1960s and 70s which overestimated the world’s water consumption by 2000. The world had to wait 30 years to realize that the projections were out of proportion. Thanks to improved irrigation techniques including drip irrigation and solar-driven desalination, we only used half the water as initially shown.

A decade ago, there was hype that the world would run out of natural gas and oil soon. It would plummet the agriculture yield, and we would face dire commercial issues. But the shale revolution changed that!


Over-population remains a concern, and yes, the world has finite resources, not infinite. But it depends on our management. Estimates show a big chunk of the population increase will occur in Asia and Africa. So, does this mean we should adapt to the one child one policy of China?

There are some interesting population control strategies with examples like encouraging a three year gap between babies, and rewarding a newlywed couple to wait for two years before having their first child.

This wouldn’t stop the increase, but it might help to control the booming population.


Technology has been our saviour. As mentioned before, the first estimates were proved wrong because new technologies were developed to face the issues.

Therefore, the world will keep developing technologies to improve the efficiency of how we produce and handle resources. Some notable examples are improvements in agriculture to produce more cropland by using fertilizer, mechanization, pesticides and advanced irrigation. Agriculture companies like Agron are experimenting to improve the food yield by various hydroponics techniques. According to a current update, the amount of land required to grow a certain quantity of food has been cut by over 65% in the past 50 years.

Alternative Resources

There is an argument over whether the world will run out of resources by 2050, but sooner or later, we will face these issues. Water is on its way to become a commodity, and it is said that the next World War will be fought over it.

That said, the world is discovering new resources that could suffice our needs. We are looking for alternatives and new resources while improving the production of those currently in use. Some notable examples are Algae Biofuels for liquid fossil fuels, harnessing body heat to produce heat, and bio-alcohols by converting biomass into liquid fuels.

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