Groomsmen Gift Ideas They’ll Love

When it comes to planning a wedding, you have a lot of costs and gifts you need to factor in. Aside from giving a wedding guest gift to those who attend your wedding, it’s also important for you to say thank you to your wedding party with a token of your appreciation. While most brides find it easy to give their wedding party a gift that will mean something, groomsmen often find it hard to think of something that’s not cheesy. If you’re looking for that groomsmen gift idea they’ll love, then the items on this list should be the next thing you check out.

Monogrammed Handkerchief

While you may not see a lot of people walking around with a handkerchief these days, they’re still practical and something your groomsmen could easily use every day. And to make the gift extra special, consider getting a monogrammed handkerchief for everyone in your wedding party. This is a classy gift that stand the test of time, and by monogramming it, you’re making it more personal. Plus, depending on the style of suit/tux and your wedding colors, your groomsmen may be able to wear the handkerchief in place of a pocket square.


A flask comes in handy during tailgating, vacations or even at concerts, so why not say thank you to your groomsmen by giving them a flask? Not only will this be something they use often, but you can even go as far as getting it engraved or monogrammed to make it more special. Plus, since flasks come in a variety of colors and styles, you can be sure to get something that specifically matches the style and taste of each individual groomsmen in your group.


While it may seem more “normal” for brides to give jewelry to their wedding party instead of grooms, watches are a very gender neutral piece of jewelry to give. You can choose from a variety of styles and finishes to choose from, and you can even have them engraved if it would personalize the gift more. Take some time to think about the type of style that makes sense for each individual groomsmen in your wedding party, and then find a watch that complements that style. Your groomsmen will be reminded of your wedding and the special role they played in your wedding every time they wear the watch.

Month Clubs

There are so many month clubs out there, so why not consider offering this as the gift to your groomsmen? You can customize each month club so that it’s more personal to each individual standing up in your wedding. For instance, get the cigar of the month club membership to your friend who enjoys a nice stogie, and get the beer of the month club to your friend who is always checking out local breweries. There are also popcorn of the month clubs, movie of the month clubs, and so many different clubs that you can easily find something that fits everyone in your wedding party.


While you can always give the gift of physical things, why not consider getting your wedding party tickets to something that is special to him? You can opt for concert tickets, sports tickets, show tickets—whatever you think would make sense for your groomsmen. Plus, you can either give them this gift so it’s something the two of you can enjoy together after you get hitched, or it can be something you just allow them to do with someone of their choosing. Just be sure to think about what your groomsmen would like and then go from there.


Coolers are widely used, and your groomsmen will certainly find a use for a cooler. Whether they go fishing, take it to work, or go tailgating, you can rest assured a cooler will go a long way for the people standing up in your wedding. Do some research to find coolers that get high ratings or ones with good reviews. You can also try to have the cooler customized too if you think adding a personal touch is a good idea. And if you’re feeling extra giving, you can fill the cooler with some of the groomsmen’s favorite things.

Your wedding is supposed to be a special day, and your wedding party does a lot to ensure that happens. When it comes to finding the right gift that truly says how much you appreciate them, consider using one of the items on this list.

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