How to Know When it’s Time for Divorce?

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  1. David says:

    “Marriage was designed to be forever long before men and women were allowed to have autonomy in thought. Life is about being happy and about being able to offer the world more with your gifts. A bad, unhappy marriage can stifle your energy and your innate right to live your own life on your own terms finding the miracle of happiness with every breath. Your relationship is supposed to add and support that; not take away from it. Like most things in life, knowing when to say when – is a gift of insight that can save you.”
    Then WHY get married? If life is all about being happy….no one should get married because there WILL BE times when there is unhappiness.

  2. Armando says:

    You got married to that girl not realizing that having one flavor ice cream would be tiresome, but before that sameness became a big problem, you took a back seat to the kids she gave you and were stuck there enduring years of being just their provider until they were grown and finished with college. Then you thought “it will be like before the kids arrived”, but no, she is now lazy, fat and just wants you to work until you die while she goofs off. Having a bad time at work? – she does not want to hear about it. Sex? It is as if you are 14 again – go take care of it on your own like you did then… You sit there in disbelief, but not for long – it is soon time for her to take care of her elderly parents and you have to endure hearing about it in tiresome detail while her older and younger brothers don’t help at all. Then you realize that at 60, the “game over” lamp is illuminating for you as your hearing, eyesight and energy wanes. You never cheated, you hoped you would matter again someday (more than just being her wage slave), but nope. And now you can’t go back for a do over, so you find yourself praying for a fast acting cancer in your body or a merciful car accident on the way home from work that can deliver your body and mind from the sorry life you now have. You know that time travel did not get invented before you died, because if it had, you would have gladly given every penny you ever earned to go back in time to 1980 and not get married. This is my true life story. If you get married, it can be your story too. Whether you are a young man or a young woman, just run away now, live a life of sin, spend every penny on wine, dancing, beach vacations and when needed, engage “paid (or volunteer or borrowed) companions for sex”. Make every effort you can to succumb to STD’s (or a companions jealous spouse’s bullet wound) before you hit 60. Get yourself a cemetery headstone carved before you need it, with this inscription: “Look thee well as ye pass by, for as you are so once was I. And as I am soon ye shall be, prepare thyself to follow me….”

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