How To Make Moist – Boneless – Skinless – Chicken Breasts

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  1. sangeetha says:

    It says “Cook for 12-15 minutes for thawed, or 20-25 minutes for frozen breasts, release the pressure, and you’re all set for a great meal”

    is this the time needed after u build to high pressue…..or does it include the time taken to build to high pressure

  2. Nancy Frias says:

    I’m going to try and ask a question, but the one in July didn’t get an answer, so I don’t have high hopes. lol Unless someone else knows this. This recipe says to pressure cook for 12-15 minutes for chicken. I cook pork chops the other day according to a recipe on another page; it said to cook the 2 pork chops for ONE MINUTES and use nature pressure release for 10 minutes before releasing all the steam. It was perfect; very moist and the temperature was 145 degrees inside, so it was done. I browned them in the pressure cooker first, so maybe that is why such a shorter cooking time? Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


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