Many of us spend our time sat on the sofa playing popular games like Rainbow Riches at home or at a desk, which makes it all the more crucial that we keep ourselves fit. This can be accomplished by doing little bits and pieces while sat at our chairs throughout the working day that are specifically designed to keep us healthy, alert and motivated – ranging from avoiding snacking in favour of a proper healthy lunch to getting up periodically and stretching our legs. This article will serve as a guide to ways of achieving this goal.

Stretch at your desk

Maybe you have a very sedentary desk job and you can’t exactly head out for a jog in the middle of the day. That doesn’t mean you can’t exercise at all though, as there are things you can do without leaving the spot – e.g. walking on the spot, a round or two of jumping jacks or touching your toes. Obviously, this will look a little strange if your office is open-plan, making it easier for those with cubicles, but keeping in shape is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Get mobile on your mobile

They call them ‘mobile phones’ so why not take this literally and use those moments when you have to take a call on them to get up and move around a bit. Make it a rule that you will pace while taking mobile calls and this will help you get some daily exercise during the workday, while keeping the blood flowing will also help you think more sharply and devise solutions.

Pray today

Adopting the praying position is an exercise that can be incorporated easily into deskbound work days – and can even be performed when you are in a meeting. Sit with your back straight and feet pressed flat to the floor, before pressing your palms together in front of you. Press them together as hard as possible, so you feel your arm muscles at work, and sustain for around 20 seconds at a go. It will just look like you are praying for an escape from the meeting.

Desk tap dance

Another exercise you can do while sat in front of the computer is tapping your feet. Put them firm on the floor and start tapping them, gradually increasing the speed at which you do so, until you can feel the muscles in your legs and an increase in heart rate. Obviously, this will make a bit of noise, so is probably best suited to those in private offices, but you could always say you are learning to tap dance.

Book press

If you are at home or in the office, there should be reasonably heavy books around and these can be used for exercising the triceps. Find the heaviest one available, lift it up behind your head, lift it back up above your head – extending your arms as far out as possible in the process – and bring it back down behind your head. You can repeat this a number of times and tell people you are scratching an itch.

It is really important to stay as active as possible each day, even when you are stuck at a desk, and these exercises will help you do that.



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