Living in a Soft Society – Is the World Going Downhill

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  1. STrekker says:

    Yikes. This is a bitter POS who wrote this article. I hate people and keeping up with the status quo like the next guy but this is ridiculous…what a pathetic soap box. Stop complaining on the Internet and go do something about it

  2. Maverick says:

    “It has become unethical to call Negros, ‘black people,’ or refer to people from other countries as ‘foreigners.’”

    Actually, it’s unethical to call black people “Negros.” Nobody at large’s used “Negroes” to describe African-Americans in several decades–esp. those deliberately trying to invoke the past.

    Particularly given all the bloody history and racial stigma surrounding the issue, and how close it is to “Nigger,” it makes complete sense if “Negroes” should bother some folks, given the evil history behind it–and how much disdain still lingers with some like yourself.

    (And I don’t care if “black people use ‘nigga’–that’s a red herring. It doesn’t reinstates white society to use ‘nigger’ or uninvited use of the affectionized ‘nigga.’)

    Racism is one aspect that many like yourself don’t care to admit. You pretty much whine when folks like yourself have given others far more to be concerned about. As if there WEREN’T a deep history of hanging “Negros” from trees.

    That’s not political correctness. That’s dealing with an ugly truth you don’t like facing. I’m no fan of “political correctness” myself. It’s softened society to detrimental levels. But there’s also such a thing as minimizing your own being a total dick. That’s what you’re doing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I like how the other comments help support your article. People need to grow up and learn the fact that the world isn’t a nice place where people say and do nice things. Its like they don’t want to experience hardships or bad feelings.

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